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Guilt-free life can be different

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Guilt-free life can be different, Matt Walgren says, “Each of us is doing our best to handle the curve balls that have been thrown our way.”

Many of us have taken on new roles, like teacher, as children stay home from school. We set aside our travels, whether that is your daily trip to the office or a past vacation.

We do it out of necessity but also out of kindness for one another. For that, I thank you! The precautions and actions you are undertaking now are not easy, and the people you live with might be making you bananas. The thought that drives me is that the more we do now, the sooner we will go back to our old routines. And if you like to travel like me, the sooner we will take off on our next adventure!

I have been working a lot with lemons lately. My tree has produced more this year than ever. I understand the irony and I’m sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere. I have been making limoncello, lemon bars, lemon curd, and of course lemonade. Before I knew it my buckets full of lemons were gone and I was off trying new recipes such as butter chicken and cinnamon rolls.

When the lemon’s life has brought fade into the past, I’m sure I’ll explore the more positive side of what life has to offer and take comfort in those things I now realize I have taken for granted. In these unprecedented times, I am reminded of the lessons that travel teaches us.

Life teaches us not only about travel, how much richness there is in life. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to handle the curve balls and create a life with more things that can be enjoyable.

The world is one big interconnected place. The times we share as a family are memories that we will treasure for years to come. We should not put off our dreams because we do not know what tomorrow brings. More than anything, this experience has taught me how thankful I am for the chance to travel.

I would like to share some resources with you that I have been using to entertain, stay active, relax, and keep my travel spirit alive. Click here to access these resources.

Let me close with this, we will return to the sweeter side of life again. We will set off on the adventures of our dreams. We will take the opportunities to make memories and to open our hearts to the incredible things our world has to offer.

Written by Matt Walgren
Matt Walgren

My career in travel began as a hobby. After returning from the Peace Corps in 2006, I began to help my family members and friends with their own travel plans. I simply loved sharing my experiences abroad and I enjoyed assisting them as they created their own itineraries that were sure to be filled with many memories. In 2014, I decided that I should turn my passion into a career, and I never looked back. .

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