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Need a Little Help?

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Need a little help? It’s been a few months now, we have all adjusted or pivoted to changing how we are in our lives. And learn how to give and get help.

I recently made up a flyer on my morning walks I’ve been dropping them off to the neighbors houses. I’m usually walking 2x a day, at the beginning of August I wanted to do some walking or hiking… so many people doing the same.

On this flyer I just asked if people needed any help with Marketing, maybe organizing or moving. I have also switched into Hypnosis and coaching. It’s about clearing out whatever memories that are painful and you want to get rid off or let go of any addictions, PTSD, depression or anything else than is troubling you.

If you need any help in any of these areas – I would be glad to be of assistance.

On a second note,

How else can I help you?

Love to hear of your life’s adventures of how you are coping – we could share it here to help others too! We could resonate or it someone needs help you can ask for it.

I posted a video about staying safe or asking for help on LinkedIn, I was surprised that hardly anyone posted. Then someone said, “It’s hard for people to ask for help.”

This may be true, my flyer is a way to help myself and perhaps help someone else in need. Network with the neighbors you can do it on too. Not everyone is on there, we have to keep finding ways to network, connect and find ways to serve.

Here’s my flyer. Need a little help?

If you have something to share or want to ask for help like me – by all means send it to me.

If you would like to know more about my Hypnosis you’ll find more information on Heart@Work’s site.

Of course if you just want to find another recipe, most of them are under Delicious Recipes.

Oh, I have started a Marketing Tips Newsletter if this is of interest to you just subscribe. I found since switching gears to Health and Wellness that, people enjoyed my marketing articles too..decided just to put them in a monthly newsletter. It will be sent out 1 or 2x a month on the weekend.

Kind regards,

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