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Surviving Hunger in 2020

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Surviving hunger in 2020, has been a challenge for many. I’ve been delivering groceries from Second Harvest to those who are unable to get out during the pandemic. 

The more I see the devastation of hunger and poverty the way people live, this saddens me.  Food will become the biggest commodity in the very near future.

Yet, I think even if you can’t afford a really nice home or you do, why can’t you clean it up? Like pick up the garbage, around your yard. I have found even people who are living in well, don’t bother cleaning up their yards. ( is this about looking poor?)

I have compassion and empathy for people – there are times when I wonder, if you can’t help yourself why do you expect other people to help you?

What are you doing to help others, like volunteering, are you willing to be counted and help your neighbors? Cook extra food and share it with a senior or family.  

Use the Next Door app, just for your neighbors – some sure just use the site to complain, there are some people really want to help. They share resources etc. Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. Join your neighborhood.

Another resource I just discovered is a Facebook Community Hub page, that you can post Offers: and Wanted: Many people are collecting clothes, blankets etc for the homeless.

If you need food you can call Second Harvest (Santa Clara), put your name on a list to get groceries delivered to your door. (the service is for those who can’t get out, like seniors, disabled or very low income.)  Call 800-934-3663

There are also Weekly and Bi-weekly Food Drives at churches Tuesday through Saturday. Sponsored by Catholic Charities

The guy I most admire is Jose Andres, he says “he’s not a hero, he’s simply gathered people together to help others in distress.” When there aren’t any restaurants around – they put a team together to cook for people. Otherwise, he’ll buy meals from restaurant kitchens. Read more about Jose.. it’s a great article.

Surviving hunger in the balance of 2020, is going to depend upon on how kind we are to ourselves and others.

  Here’s a list together to help you to get started:

1. Make a meal and share one

2. Open up a library box for books and food (unparishable)

3. Share & post resources for others to see where they can go for help

4. Join Payaway layaway it was started by my friend Leigh Clark, she started with paying someone’s layaway at Walmart, now she has grown her own non-profit. to learn more about it.

5. Offer a power outlet, power bar that people may charge their cell phones.. since libraries are closed.

6. Offer help doing laundry or folding

7. Share positive encouragement –

8. Give smiles aways – let’s make them contagious

9. Create an emergency kit – reach out to 5 friends give them your emergency info, including the medicines you take. Keep with you snacks, non-perishable items and water, incase of a storm or disaster.  More info can be found at

10. Buy yourself and someone else a coffee. – Pay it Forward. Read more about other kind acts, if you enjoyed this article.

11. Please stay home, wear a mask in public, keep the 6 foot distance socially.

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