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I’m here when you…

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I’m here when you, need encouragement, someone to listen to you, assist in just having a conversation.

Although, I can’t bake for you and sell it so you can share your kindness with family and friends, I do look forward to do this again in a year or so. My goal is really to build my own commercial kitchen, until this happens, I ask myself what can I do to serve in-between?

I’m here when you run out of ….

I’m here when you are sad..

I’m here when and if you get sick…

A friend of mine called me today – face-time, I’m still in bed, with bed hair and reached out to me to say to me, that you give so much she wants me to ask for help. Reach out. I know I’m really bad at this. Given this, I have signed up to get some coaching.. just because I know I need help and we all are called to people who we know that can help us.

I wrote an article on about how Listening is so Unappreciated, I hope this will give some hope on how we all can listen to each other.

I do want to share with you about a workshop, of which I have taken before, that you find helpful to think of the possibilities in creating a new vision for your life. Creating a Vision for Your Future

NEVER LECTURE! Highly interactive, engaging workSHOCK “Learning Lab”.

What seems impossible is often MERELY difficult!  . . . and sometimes easy.


Explore what’s possible for your life beyond “more of the same.”


I hope all of this will provide some hope and enjoy! Light a white candle it will help bring some peace. Know that you are safe. Reach out if you would like help

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