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Planning a Party? Just letting you know that can help you coordinate a stress free party with our concierge services for a memorable dinner or party.

I’ve always thought of myself a Party Girl, someone who uses her concierge services to help people create a memorable experience for years to come and go. Many times when my friends have parties, I’m usually the one behind the scenes helping them clean-up, do the dishes and of course serving or setting up the food.

People have really appreciated how I have helped them enjoy their party, whether they are set up or not.. Actually people have been reaching out to me lately, remembering when they had parties and hired me to bartend, set-up the food, clean-up as I go along. I enjoy it too, meeting new people.. getting new clients and in some small way I’m enjoying the memorable occasion too!

With Sedona Pies, I am offering party services – which includes baking and cooking in your home.. I have a Tip Guide for those who like to do their own parties. Especially for those who feel stressed out!

Just fill out this form to get it..

I also met a gal, online who is a wine expert, she’s going to share some of her tips with you.. this is what she sent to me., her name is Valerie Hill

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