Have you heard the news?

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Have you heard the news that the Silicon Valley Concierge Assn, is going to do another Wine & Food Fest? It’s going to be in September, 2019.  At the same location, only Chris said they expect to have 1,400 people attend. One of the things it seems business owners who belong to the Concierge Assn, they want more to promoted. What does this mean for each of us. Are we … Read more

Business Events & Gatherings

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Business events & family gatherings are usually fun to attend, not always to organize. Let Sedona Pies help you to create a memorable experience. Memorable experiences for: Mothers day, Birthdays, Graduations, Memorial day, BBQ’s. Customer appreciation, Employee recognition Life celebrations – funerals Christenings Weddings Baby and bridal showers and many more… Sedona Pies are here to help you to create a great experience for your Business Events & Gatherings.  All … Read more

Say Yes!

Say Yes, is one of my favorite things to say – even though I may find too many things on my plate. I find sometimes when I get into the place to say STOP!! It literally stops the flow. I was challenged by a couple of people to do a 30 Day Kindness Challenge, as they wanted to support me in pursuing kindness workshops and the message Kindness can have … Read more

Praise Yourself

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You may wonder why I and writing about praise yourself on the Sedona Pies newsletter? I am calling out all of you who don’t take the time out to be kind to yourself. I recently was challenged to do a 30 day #Kindness Challenge – I’ve been posting them on my Facebook profile page. The intention for me to do this, was for me to shift back into the Kindness … Read more

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