Are you missing out?

Are you missing out? Offering pie making classes to release the stress for team success. If stress is at work, this is a great opportunity for a social connection. Be the time you read this.. Happy World Kindness Day! Nov 13. Most of us love food, cooking, wine and all the things that bring us together. Just like Food, Wine or Beer Festivals’ do. After thinking about doing more of these, the Pie Party was added … Read more

What’s so cool about Pop-Ups?

What’s so cool about pop-ups, it’s a great way to taste and experience different, food, beverages and have a great experience. From tasting events to dinners. Pop-Ups are one of the best ideas to explore and expand a food business – businesses have networking meetings, when you add food it brings many more people together. Eventbrite just came out with a study about Pop-ups of why they are so popular and why are they rising. Pop-up … Read more

Winchester Mystery House 2019

Winchester Mystery House 2019 is hosting  Wine & Food Festival  on Thursday, Sept 12, don’t miss out on the event of the year! Sedona Pies is participating again this year, come engage with friends you haven’t seen in awhile just have a fun evening of food, drink and networking. Tickets are only $10 for the evening – it’s a steal. 5:30 – 7:30pm Love to see you all there. My table will be on the side … Read more

Food & Wine Festival 2019

The Food & Wine Festival 2019 is coming up, Sedona Pies will be in the show again this year, when we did it two years ago, with our friends from Cannella Spirits. This year they won’t be coming back, they’ve moved to Reno, NV and are in the process of building a distillery there. That’s ok, off to their greater success on their new adventure. This year now that I know more about it from the last … Read more

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