A Holiday Slab Pie or a Pen or Cup?

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A holiday slab pie or a pen or cup? It’s a question I’ve been asking others about. They want to receive a pie.  Givers would rather give a pen or cup Why? When Holiday Slab Pies are a great way to serve your hungry crowd and you don”t even need a pie plate. They are just as easy to make, well maybe for people who love to bake. Better than a pen or cup with someone’s … Read more

Using Sedona Pies, to promote Kindness

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Using Sedona Pies, to promote Kindness was the theme at the Food & Wine Fest last Thursday. Mocha which was Kahula & Peaches also went missing.  We had several people ask for that flavor, I couldn’t find them.. guess where it went?  Jai & Karen were helping me at the Fest that afternoon, Jai was doing a little networking too, by dropping of the swag bags to the vendors at the event. Mocha and a few … Read more

Appreciation: The Unexpected Bliss

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Appreciation the unexpected bliss is about giving from your heart, showing your appreciation for expected or unexpected kindness from the people you work with, or who are in your life. “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” – Margaret Cousins Think of the last time you received unexpected appreciation. What was said? How did it make you feel about yourself? How did … Read more

Do you ask for reviews?

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Do you ask for reviews? Asking for reviews or referrals seem to be a challenge for some businesses, when do I ask? How should I ask? I always ask for a review after I get a response from the customer once they have said it’s good, they enjoyed it. If they did not, I will ask why not, was there something that I can do to make it right? Some may say something and people are … Read more

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Share your kindness with a Sedona Pie