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Looking to be Remembered?

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Looking to be Remembered? I think we can all agree we want to have more fun, joy and create memorable moments in our lives including to increase our sales. Old habits are hard to break especially if we are so used to just doing networking events, prospecting, emailing people are latest thing for sale. What can help us get what we want? Try this. You may or may not know, I decided to spend more time … Read more

What’s been the best way to WOW your customers?

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This question was asked on Alignable, of “What’s the best way to wow your customers,” there were well over 1,000 answers. Patrice DeHaven from CARRIED AWAY Gifts Providing great customer service is a given, but that’s not good enough any longer. I have a few gifting programs that provide little touches and puts your name in front of the client when they least expect it.   A Birthday and Gift of the Month Program are my most … Read more

Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee?

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Drinking a really good cup of coffee goes really well with a slice of pie. Why? Because they both create a social experience. Memorable. Coffee can be just as romantic as a glass of wine as it’s about the experience of who you are with. You know when you are out with friends and you are sharing a nice bottle of wine then when you get home it doesn’t taste the same? It’s because you aren’t … Read more

Have you ever been surprised?

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Have you ever been surprised, for some people is like a loss of control. For some people being it’s a delight. What if you surprised someone? I was at a meeting the guy facilitating was asking people if anyone had a surprise birthday party created for them and how did they feel? A few people said they loved it and a few people said they hated it, it was a feeling of a lack of control. … Read more

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