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A Heartwarming Apple Pie

heartwarming apple pie

It’s delicious with whipped cream or perhaps ice cream. How I made the apple pie – use this recipe – pastry crust recipe, then I cut out the seeds, core and then I thinly slice the apples 🍏 with the skin on. Why create extra work by peeling them? Plus all the nutrition is the … Read more

Let’s Talk About Pie Trends 2019

Sedona spirit gluten free

Let’s talk about pie trends 2019. In the early 50’s to 60’s pie’s were a tradition for desserts, come the rise of fresh, frozen pies, to turnovers.  Then we’ve moved into the 70’s fast food pies like McDonald’s turnovers. In the 80’s is where we began to have more organic, artisan baking..taking a look at … Read more

A Sweet Potato is not a Potato it’s better

sweet potato pie

A Sweet Potato is not a Potato it’s better, belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, it’s large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are sweet roots The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), tuberous roots are a root vegetable. Not a potato family nor does it belong to the nightshade family. The sweet potato, especially the orange variety, is … Read more

Holiday Seasonal Pies 2019

giving thanks, donations

Holiday Seasonal Pies 2019, a special menu has been created for the holiday season. Some new flavors are being introduced, which I am sure you’ll love. Where is the pie menu? I can’t find it… do you have this problem? I have you covered it’s listed in a couple of places on the menu bar, … Read more

A Holiday Slab Pie or a Pen or Cup?

berry slab pies

A holiday slab pie or a pen or cup? It’s a question I’ve been asking others about. They want to receive a pie.  Givers would rather give a pen or cup Why? When Holiday Slab Pies are a great way to serve your hungry crowd and you don”t even need a pie plate. They are … Read more

Using Sedona Pies, to promote Kindness

Food & Wine Fest/Karen

Using Sedona Pies, to promote Kindness was the theme at the Food & Wine Fest last Thursday. Mocha which was Kahula & Peaches also went missing.  We had several people ask for that flavor, I couldn’t find them.. guess where it went?  Jai & Karen were helping me at the Fest that afternoon, Jai was … Read more

Do you ask for reviews?

Do you ask for reviews? Asking for reviews or referrals seem to be a challenge for some businesses, when do I ask? How should I ask? I always ask for a review after I get a response from the customer once they have said it’s good, they enjoyed it. If they did not, I will … Read more