A Heartwarming Apple Pie

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A Heartwarming Apple Pie, recently I made this apple pie from granny smith pies which I don’t usually use them basically because they require more sugar.

It’s delicious with whipped cream or perhaps ice cream.

How I made the apple pie – use this recipe – pastry crust recipe, then I cut out the seeds, core and then I thinly slice the apples ? with the skin on. Why create extra work by peeling them? Plus all the nutrition is the peel. You will need 8 – 10 apples. Enough pastry for a 9″ pie shell.

My friend Georgette made apple pies with Tapioca – the original kind, she would spread the bottom and then layer in the apples. What I did, was to mix tapioca flour, brown sugar and wine together and poured it over on top of the apples. Lots of cinnamon & nutmeg. You can layer the sugar with the apples. Whatever works for you.

I put a lattice top on the pie or you can just use a whole pastry top – I baked it in the oven for 45 minutes at 350 degrees or until a knife came out clean. Granny Smith apples do take longer to bake, in my experience.

A Heartwarming Apple Pie 1
Granny Smith Apple Pie

Had a slice warmed up with whipped cream – not the stuff in the can. Buy the whipped cream and whip it yourself. Why cheat yourself in experiencing the enjoyment of the full flavor of the ♥️ heart warming apple? pie that you just made?

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