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A special for friends and past customers, offering pies as a fundraiser some of you might know of an organization that has a kitchen that I can partner with.

I was talking with a friend about how I still get calls for pies or orders and unfortunately I’ve had to say sorry, not able to. She suggested that sometimes we just have to do things for ourselves.  Looking at offering pies and tarts for Christmas.

Thanksgiving, people would call me the day off and want a pie? I guess if I didn’t celebrate it, it wouldn’t have been a problem to deliver.

This will be my menu...for Pies

  • Apple crumble
  • Blueberry or mixed berry
  • Pecan

For Tarts:

  • Butter tarts – made with currants & rum (it’s the english way)
  • Mincemeat – made with brandy (very sweet and no meat or suet in them)

Pecan will not be available in the tarts, because the filling tends to boil over..(doesn’t work well)

Accepting orders on December 7 until the 21st..Pick up/deliveries will be no later than the 24th.

More details to be posted , if your want to pre-order please these links..

Tarts:     https://buy.stripe.com/aEUg0E75sexZ9dSeV1

Pies:  https://buy.stripe.com/5kA4hWdtQ3Tl3TydQY

I will confirm with you, what you flavor and size you want to order.. no worries about that.

Remember this story? I do, this is what got me going about Pie Mortgage Fundraiser. 

In 2009, when Angela Logan was faced with foreclosure, she got to cooking. A beautiful actress, model and single mother of three sons, Angela had been making ends meet with odd jobs. When the $2,559 mortgage payment on her Teaneck, N.J., house was due, she used her grandmother’s recipe for a cake filled with Red Delicious and Gala apples iced with cream cheese frosting to raise the funds.

Angela reminisces:

“My grandmother passed along the quest for great flavor, aroma, and all natural products. Using produce from her garden and from local farms, she could make anything taste good. As a child. the only thing greater than cooking with my grandmother was eating her cooking. Throughout my life I have sought fresh natural flavors.”

Mortgage Cakes was born when Angela calculated she could sell 100 cakes at $40 a pop in 10 days she could save her home. She sold out by email to friends, asked her church members, farmers markets, online sales, restaurants and specialty stores. For Angela, the journey is about family: “I am able to teach my sons to never give up and to give the best of what you’ve got all the time; because everything you do, says who you are.” Angela added cupcakes and specialty cakes — apple rum upside down cake, apple pound cake with Ghirardelli white chocolate drizzle and caramel apple cake with warm slow cooked caramel — to her menu.”

read more 

If you have any suggestions of organizations – just call or text me, my number is the same. 510-320-8332
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..





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