AB1325 has officially passed

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AB1325 has officially passed, signed by the Governor! Effective now MEHKO operators can serve up to 90 meals per week and make up to $100K in gross annual sales!

The law also clarifies the “meal” definition, granting MEHKOs across the state the flexibility to sell individual items such as beverages, desserts, and more. This means that operators in certain jurisdictions, who were previously turned away for offering only a dessert menu with cakes and pastries, can now successfully apply for their MEHKO licenses.

Thank you so much to everyone who spread the word, provided feedback, and showed their support! We were so grateful to work with our co-sponsoring partner Institute for Justice, and Assemblymembers Marie Waldron (R) and Eduardo Garcia (D) who championed this bipartisan bill!

This legislation represents a major step forward in recognizing the value of home-based food businesses and their pivotal role in shaping California’s vibrant culinary landscape. It will also serve as a strong message to other jurisdictions and states about the viability of the program and encourage further adoption!

It takes a village to create positive change, and with your collective effort, we have achieved a significant victory for culinary entrepreneurship! Let’s celebrate this milestone and embrace the delicious opportunities that lie ahead!

About The COOK Alliance:

The C.O.O.K (“Creating Opportunities Opening Kitchens”) Alliance is a nonprofit organization working to legitimize and support informal home cooking businesses so that culinary entrepreneurship is accessible to all, and particularly empowering for homemakers, caregivers, women, people of color, and immigrants. Learn more at www.cookalliance.org

IJ is a public interest law firm, who championed the COOK Alliance for cooking at home. The Institute for Justice is a nonprofit, public interest law firm that advocates for the rights of entrepreneurs and individuals to be free from arbitrary government restrictions, and is the nation’s leading advocate for food freedom and economic empowerment.

You can read about their progress on another article I wrote about Cook Alliance

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