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Aero Press Coffeemakers & Pie

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Do you have one? My hubby brought one home from one of his business trips..It makes great coffee. I have just noticed that it’s much better if you use Espresso beans or a very fine grind.

espresso maker

LA Times covered a story about these coffee makers, that people are starting to really like them. As they say, they aren’t sexy, they work with air pressing down onto the coffee beans, a plunger that expresses out the coffee on the other end. It only makes one cup at a time.

Since its introduction in 2006 by engineer and Stanford University lecturer Alan Adler in Palo Alto, Calif. (who also invented the Aerobie flying ring), home brewers have raved about the AeroPress on online coffee forums.

Fanatics have his-and-hers AeroPresses and won’t travel without them, not even to friends’ dinner parties. “I almost can’t drink anybody else’s coffee,” says AeroPress buff and cookbook author Janet Fletcher. Lately, even some gadget-obsessed baristas swear by it.

The AeroPress looks and works like a syringe or simple piston pump (the joke is that it resembles a male enhancement device) and has been described as a cross between a French press and a manual drip brewer. Basically, you place a cap and paper filter at the end of one tube and fill it with coffee and hot water, give the slurry a stir, then insert the plunger and press the liquid into a cup.

“Honestly, it’s one of those things that is kind of odd because coffee professionals like to see things that are glass and ceramic and … a little bit more complicated and less of a novelty,” says Ben Kaminsky, director of espresso and quality control at Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco. “But the AeroPress, it just is one of the best brewing devices [for filter coffee] that you can buy.”

Other pros say that it is easy to use and makes a clean, smooth cup of coffee without any sediment in a short amount of time. (It’s also easy to clean, notes Kaminsky. “It has its own built-in squeegee, which is kind of brilliant.”)

Alder made this, because he was frustrated and not being able to make one cup at a time. If you would like to read the whole story, click on over to the LA TImes.

We have used it a few times, it makes a flavorful cup of coffee. I just prefer when I make my coffee in the Aero Press – I will make myself a Cafe Latte- oh, don’t forget to add a slice of pie with it…

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