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April Showers in 2021

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April showers in 2021, have you noticed that spring in finally coming to be? A cool one. It’s a great opportunity to get outside hug a tree, take in a hike or walk

Most of us can’t wait to get out and about, yesterday at a dinner party, people were talking about getting a discount from their insurance company as they drove less. Some of us, are still driving, volunteering, helping someone with their groceries, running errands and the like.

This is what happens when you stay in touch with people you discover that they have moved away, or have greater health challenges, or they have learned something new. More self-reflection, pivoting, deciding what you want to do or more of.

It’s funny as Alignable, (join me there) I was really active on there when the pie business was going, they nominated me for best bakery again for Fremont, CA. 2021. Even though I have a sign on my profile that I am closed due to Covid. And how many people still think I’m doing the pie business or need to jump back into it.

Yes, I will – when I get my own kitchen.. or maybe my own home so that I can bake there. If I am renting somewhere, they don’t want any business stuff going on where I live. Rents in the bay area haven’t really come down.. my goal is to build out a container bakery kitchen. Just need to find a place to park it. And I’ll have a home beside it.. It could become a community bakery kitchen.. rentals maybe?

I’ll be out checking some places out in May, I hope that I’ll have some time to keep you updated.. you’ll be the first to know.

All things are going great otherwise, last year I decided to go back into promoting kindness.. looking to help people to get well, with their body, mind and spirit as a Life Coach.

Coming up in July, I’ll be doing another Kindness@Work Conference – it’s a few months away yet. if you would be interested in attending or being a part of it.. just go to

I still bake when I can, I end up giving away the pies.. I hope your Easter was enjoyable! April showers I find is lighter energy and more fun, playful. What do you think?

In closing, be well and take care of each other.

Love 💗 ❤️

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