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Are you missing out? Offering pie making classes to release the stress for team success. If stress is at work, this is a great opportunity for a social connection. Be the time you read this.. Happy World Kindness Day! Nov 13. Most of us love food, cooking, wine and all the things that bring us together. Just like Food, Wine or Beer Festivals’ do. After thinking about doing more of these, the Pie Party was added … Read more

Delicious Holiday Celebrations

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Delicious Holiday Celebrations cookies always gives you the aroma of warmth, to start making cookies now. And even if it isn’t quite Christmas season yet! My favorite holiday cookies are “Shortbread cookies,” of course there is Fruitcake and Tarts. It took me a long time to find pre-lined tart shells. Once I did I’ve been making tarts and pies. In remembrance of my mom, here’s her favorite Shortbread Cookie recipe.1 c of butter 1/2 c of … Read more

Halloween Healthy Treats for 2019

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Halloween healthy treats, for 2019,  I’ve always enjoyed halloween. I found some treats to make as it’s only  a couple of days away.  Wishing you all a happy and safe one. I like these marshmallow ones, simply dipped into your favorite candy and chocolate. The Mello oranges made into pumpkins, healthy treats. I also found some rice crispy squares dipped and found some whole strawberries dipped in white or dark chocolate.. The trend seems to be … Read more

Holiday Seasonal Pies 2019

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Holiday Seasonal Pies 2019, a special menu has been created for the holiday season. Some new flavors are being introduced, which I am sure you’ll love. Where is the pie menu? I can’t find it… do you have this problem? I have you covered it’s listed in a couple of places on the menu bar, also under the Pie Club Membership and you’ll find the pictures and prices in the shopping cart. Shipping, I was speaking … Read more

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