Bonus Gift with Purchase

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Bonus Gift with Purchase, remember when you went into the department stores they would give you a gift when you purchased a package? For this Christmas and holiday season, I decided to offer a gift with purchase. They are cute. A gift can, with 3 tarts inside. Try some different flavors, ones that you want to try, just haven’t yet. Or maybe you want to gift them to someone else? … Read more

A Perfect Gift to Give

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A perfect gift to give at Sedona Pies, is the Pie Membership and the e-Gift Card from Square. The Pie Membership was something I wanted to offer as an additional offer besides our delicious pies. Working on some packages for the Christmas Holiday season. They both together are the perfect complimentary gifts. I hope you enjoy yours.  Here are a few benefits: 3% year end reward (based on your purchases) … Read more

It’s about doing something different

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I have started a Kiva Small Business loan. Doing something different, is about finding out what makes you tick., this will help you to grow and expand what you are already doing. Sedona Pies has a Kiva Loan campaign.   Three years ago this is how I got Sedona Pies started and I paid off my loan. I am asking for much more $7,000. This will help me scale up … Read more

It’s time to be Giving Thanks

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There are so many things, curves and blessings to be thankful for. Let’s give thanks together. This past summer I took the time out just to pause and make plans for the fall. I am sure most of us do this. I purposefully decided to refocus on what I really want to do and achieve. Sedona Pies hasn’t been one of those ideas to disappear.. what’s next I asked? The … Read more

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