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Happy Holidays from us 2021

Happy Holidays 2021

Happy Holidays from us 2021,  at Sedona Pies – it will be another quiet one, many of you are traveling and getting together with other family members. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday season.  If you are alone, you could join our orphan brunch or dinner.. we are still looking for a … Read more

It’s Holiday Baking Time!

It's Holiday Baking Time!

It’s Holiday Baking Time! Again, you may have not already started, I’m doing mine on Friday.  Much smaller amount, I do miss the days of making and selling pies. What are you making for your holiday baking? As usual, I give packets of homemade baking – people always seem to love getting those. It’s the thought … Read more

Creating conversation and laughter

Creating conversation and laughter

Creating conversation and laughter, I dug up this video from the archives. Our videos are about teaching people how to make crumbles and other goodies.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! 

I dug deep to find this video out of the archives… I hope you find some laughter with us and we are making Apple Crumbles. It’s another traditional dessert at Thanksgiving time.

If you ask people what do they like the best they will tell you Sweet Potato, Pumpkin or Apple.

Wishing the very best Thanksgiving, you can have whether it’s getting together with friends, family or just staying home for some peace and quiet.

I usually have cooked up a dinner for orphans, this year it seems everyone is taking off to visit family traveling around. I became the orphan this year.  Some old friends invited me out for a Jewish Thanksgiving.. bagels and whatever else there is that happens.

My wishful you for Thanks giving is: “Creating conversation and laughter” in this special holiday season. Wishing you blessings, hope and Love.

Until next time.. take care of yourself.  If you enjoyed this video,  checkout other videos   and reach out if we can bake for you!!  Before I forget here’s the Apple Crumble recipe





Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Sweet Potato Biscuits, this recipe was something I had to share. Co-founder Jocelyn Jackson added this recipe to the PKC  it’s the peoples kitchen collective. Free Breakfast menu that honors the Panthers serving a “delicious and nutritious” breakfast to youngins’  before school. Over the years, hundreds of PKC volunteers have cooked for thousands of people to bring … Read more