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Adopted 52 Grandparents

Share This: Sedona Pies Adopted 52 Grandparents, those who are either forgotten about or just don’t have enough friends and family who visit. Gave gifts from the heart. “The kids and parents really enjoyed being part of the event today. Even though we only had a few students that could join it really was a school effort : ) We are from Ramblewood Elementary School in the Franklin McKinley School District. Happy Holidays!” Melissa … Read more

What is gluten? It’s complicated

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Share This: What is gluten? It’s complicated. I’m going to break down the description of what it is so you can make an informed choice. There are two parts to gluten, Gliadins are known for their role, along with glutenin, in the formation of gluten. People with gluten-sensitive enteropathy this is a severe form of celiac disease are sensitive to α, β, and γ gliadins. Those with WD urticaria and Baker’s asthma are sensitive … Read more

Saturday, Shop Small is here Nov 25th

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Share This: Saturday, Shop Small is here Nov 25th. SEDONA PIES is participating. We are offering 10% off our wine pies. Thank you for all your support! We are offering 10% off our Wine Pies on Saturday. Just order them here or call us 510-320-8332 you can pick them up, delivered or shipped out. Tomorrow, Saturday Nov 25, we want to share Small Business Saturday® with you! It’s a holiday shopping tradition that celebrates … Read more

Do you give “Thank you” gifts?

Share This: Do you give Thank you gifts? It’s a question I ask many people and wonder why people don’t or who do – don’t they have customers & family to appreciate? When it came to gift giving at Christmas time, I always gave my Grandparents a gift box with cheeses, sausages and little cookie packages. They Loved them! They were older and couldn’t get around much, and it was something that I knew … Read more

World Kindness Day

Share This: World Kindness Day is coming up on November 13? Yep it’s on this date every year. Why we only have one day, I’ll never know, it’s a great day to get started in getting other people to be kinder. What are some ways we can show our Kindness? Sedona Pies is giving you the Kindness@Work ebook stories about kindness. Drop on over to Heartatwork’s site and download the Kindness@Work I would like … Read more

Our Fundraising Bake Sale

Share This: Our Fundraising Bake Sale was inspired by the Fair trade bake sale, they are calling for a national month for a bake sale in October. Fair trade bake sale is about supporting fair trade and giving back. According to Wiki “Fair Trade USA, formerly “TransFair USA” is a 501 non-profit organization, that sets standards, certifies, and labels products that promote sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers and protect the environment.“ Although I … Read more

Come Celebrate with us

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Share This: Come celebrate with us along with other funded Entrepreneurs at Kiva’s San Jose & Peninsula Launch Party. Sedona Pies will be featured. It’s an evening celebrating the region’s small business owners. From your favorite fruit stand in San Jose to a daycare in Redwood City, neighborhood businesses who bring diversity and character to our communities. We are proud to support local entrepreneurs with 0% interest loans. Wednesday, November 1, 2017 6:00 pm … Read more

San Jose Made Harvest Fest

Share This: The San Jose Made Harvest Festival is coming up this weekend, Saturday, Oct 7. at the Martial Cottle Farm, come buy a pie or two. Thank you for all of you who visited Sedona Pies at the Wine & Food Fest on Sept 17, 2017 at the Winchester Mystery House. Wasn’t that fun! I know I had fun! Adam said he did too! the picture below show us ready for the evening. … Read more

Blueberries & Cabernet Sauvignon

Share This: Blueberries & Cabernet Sauvignon wine created the Sacrebleu pie. The blueberries offer sweetness to the Cabernet grapes which makes it delicious. Cabernet Sauvignon is pronounced (cah-behr-NAY so-veen YAHN). The Cabernet offers a BIG taste, most of the world-famous wine regions are Bordeaux and Napa Valley. The Cabernet grapes come from merging the red Cabernet Franc and the white Sauvignon Blanc grapes started to appear in Bordeaux before the 18th century. Cabernets deep … Read more


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Share This: Welcome to the Sedona Pie company the Pielette. After looking for a way to add another size, a friend of mine sent me a video in how to make mini pies. After some experimentation, and creating a new flavor for Mike & Niki’s honey I came up with a new flavor for them. Peaches, honey & rum. The first batch that I made worked out well, perhaps dark rum next time. People … Read more

Kick it up a Notch

Share This: Kick it up a Notch at the fall Wine and Food Fest sponsored by the Concierge Association of Silicon Valley is coming up on September 14. We recommend if you want to attend, that you get your tickets today, as of September 2, they will go up to $25./person VS $10 now. We will be at #31 which is near the front gardens. Cannella Spirits will be at the same spot with … Read more

Are you still engaged?

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Share This: Are you still engaged? Once you enter into an agreement with your clients to serve them, it also means to take care of them. Too busy to give the very best? Most of us are busy, we want to spend more time with our clients or at least appreciating them more often. How? If you don’t have time or know how to do this, let Sedona Pies help you give the very … Read more

Fremont Wine Tasting

Share This: Fremont Wine Tasting along with enjoying samples of Sedona pies that will be paired with wine from around the world.. There are many activities for people to partake in and of course, people are on holidays too! There are those who are still hanging out at home. I hope you come and join in on the fun! What better way to meet new people over a glass of wine and socialize? We’ll … Read more

The Present

Share This: The Present is a wine from Santa Rosa, a great balance of acidity and sugar, 95% Merlot and 5% of Cabernet Sauvignon with Hello Mello. I did a pairing with this wine and Hello Mello – a delicious crumble made with mixed berries. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries and Merlot wine. The camera was a little shaky it was my first video of the series I will be posting. It would be … Read more

What is a Thank you?

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Share This: What is a Thank you? It’s appreciation. A recognition that someone else understands you and wants to recognize the part you play in their life. They are grateful. Thankful. Appreciate those who give you money. Depending on your generation, the words ‘Thank you” may or may not be part of your regular language. Sadly, with the advent of the digital age, these simple words, or the actions that reflect their meaning, have … Read more

What makes you smile?

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Share This: What makes you smile? Having a pie delivered to your house or office each month? “A smile is a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth. Some smiles include a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes, an action known as a “Duchenne smile”. Smiles performed without the eye contraction can be perceived as “weird”. Among humans, smiling is an expression denoting … Read more

Tastings are happening

Share This: Tastings are happening, I have partnered up with a wine distributor and I will also be doing pie tastings for your enjoyment. Over the past few months I have reached out to local wine producers and for whatever reason doing a pie tasting with them has been challenging. When I was in Sedona, growing the pie business there I worked with many wineries. I sold my pies and they sold their wines. … Read more

Pie Membership Club

Share This: The Pie Membership Club is a new product category we’ve added, as we have started pie and wine tasting events to create some fun opportunities. The difference is when you buy a pie club membership, the pie membership price is reduced as it is an annual subscription. Verus buying the pies individually. Included in this membership are tasting notes, a new pie flavor added on a monthly basis, there isn’t a 48-hour … Read more

Do you have a client appreciation program?

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Share This: Do you have a client appreciation program? Did you know it costs less to keep a client than to lose them? If you don’t, why not? Did you know it costs less to deliver some LOVEto your clients? When you send them some appreciation like a Sedona pie, you’ll get referrals or recommendations back from them. 68% of your customers have left you or barely sticking around. Wouldn’t you rather keep them? … Read more

Mother’s Day Special

Share This: Our Mother’s Day Special is for all women who deserve our special attention on Sunday, May 14. Mothers’ get a special day, why not celebrate other women in your life? It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May. It was established by Anna Jarvis, with the first official Mother’s Day was celebrated at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, … Read more

Wow your Best Customers

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Share This: Wow your best customers is a new program to help you appreciate, attract and prosper better relationships with your customers. Often we are always thinking about getting new customers, which markets can we tap into? What’s our marketing strategy this week? Why not take a look at the lifetime value of your current ones? There are many service-based businesses who totally rely on referrals to keep the revenue flowing, this arrangement relies … Read more

Recession proof your business with referrals

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Share This: To recession proof your business with referrals, a strategy will work. Getting more referrals isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long-term strategy to increase sales. More often than not, we spend too much time and money on disloyal customers, these customers won’t stick around long enough to pay back the acquisition investment you’ve made. 68% of your customers will leave because of your indifference. Rather than losing them, it would be better … Read more

Join us – Girls Day Out Shopping

Share This: Girls day out shopping will benefit the fundraising efforts for the new Kappa Delta Chapter House for the Gamma Iota Chapter at San Jose State University! Date: Saturday, April 22nd from 1‐4 p.m. The address for the shopping day: 405 S. 10th St., San Jose, CA 95112 (it’s at the church rec room directly across the street from SJSU.) Sales start on Saturday, April 8th and end on Saturday, April 29th online … Read more

Upcoming Adult Gourmet Pop Ups

Share This: Upcoming Adult Gourmet Pop-Ups and Happy Spring! This is what is happening with the Sedona Pies for the month of April 2017. Our upcoming pop-up events are: April 15, 2017 – Celebrate Easter 11:00am – 3:00pm SanJose Made at Whole Foods 777 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126 May 13, 2017 – Celebrate Mothers Day! 11:00am – 3:00pm SanJose Made at Whole Foods 777 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126 Drop by … Read more

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Share This: What and who is They have a unique platform of helping other food companies to raise money and awareness. “The concept is simple: Customers prepay for food and receive edible credits to use like a gift card. Large prepayments can even earn edible interest. In the meantime, food businesses get the money they need to grow.” You have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery store? Open a tab by paying … Read more

Pi Day is March 14

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Share This: Pi day is March 14, it happens every year – it’s a great play on words for the day. time to enjoy a Pie on Pi Day! Pi Day is really celebrated to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and to eat lots of pie. Celebrated in countries that follow the month/day (m/dd) date format, because the digits in the date, March 14 or 3/14, are the first three digits of π … Read more

Pie in the Sky

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Share This: Pie in the Sky: Launching a business and feeding the hungry. These female entrepreneurs put helping others near the heart of their enterprises. Written By Chuck Carrol Business schools have traditionally taught would-be small-business entrepreneurs that literally every penny counts. When starting out, owners must mercilessly control costs, the experts caution. Spend on essentials — and only on essentials. After all, launching a business is hard enough without adding any unnecessary burden … Read more

How to Surprise and Delight

Share This: How to surprise and delight those you love with a Rum Butter pie. It’s the December pie of the month flavor. Share some love and ship out a Sedona Pie. I know for a few years people have asked me “Do you ship?” Answer: “Not at this time.” Being that one of the offerings has been a “Pie of the Month Club,” decided “Let’s find a way to ship!!.” The Pie of … Read more

Holiday Special

Share This: The holidays are upon almost.. we have a holiday special happening in our local area. Evergreen Coffee and Sedona pies are coming together to help you celebrate. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? If not, come join us! P.S. We are now on Yelp.. check us out!

Discover our Pie Recipes

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Share This: Discover our pie recipes the more there are the merrier. We have quiet a few of them posted on this website, they are under the category of Delicious pies. For example how about Biltmore Pumpkin Pie? The fall season is something that I love, the leaves are falling.. the warmth of the day is still with us and yet it starts to cool down a bit in the evening. It’s a … Read more

Holiday Season is almost here

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Share This: Holiday season is almost here, Sedona Pies are celebrating you with a special offer. There’s always something to celebrate, perhaps it’s a wedding, a just because party, a birthday party, open house, or you just want another weekend off. If you are planning a dinner party, then don’t forget to order your pies from us. Besides the usual pumpkin pie why not try something unique and unusual? Like a wine, beer or … Read more

How to Raise Money

Share This: How to raise money is the topic for this post, it is always a hot topic especially for women and food businesses. At one of the talks Sedona Pies was co-hosting along with KitchenTown Central here’s a recording of Arno Hesso’s talk about Crowdfunding and a little about It’s a short clip, Arno really goes over the basics about finding money for your business especially for food businesses. This past week … Read more

Tequila Pie Tasting

Share This: This tequila pie tasting was done in 2010, with my friend Micheala. We had a fun day hanging out. This tasting is a short clip.. Enjoy! Just recently, I made up some strawberry tartlets made from tequila, people didn’t like them as much as the “Delicious,” which are made from dark chocolate, pecans. There are many various kinds of tequila, what I find is that the darker the better works for baking. … Read more

Customer Loyalty Program

Share This: We’ve just put together a customer loyalty program when you join not only can you get 20% off your orders we have other perks too! Keeping our customers loyal is really important to us. We’ve partnered up with CB20 it’s full name is Cash Back 20. Not only can you get 20% off of Sedona Pies you can also shop with other merchants on the app or any of your favorite stores … Read more

A blast from the past

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Share This: A blast from the past is a video about making crumbles with a girlfriend at the time, we created some video’s making pies. P.J. had a different name in Sedona than she did in New Jersey, so I just called her PJ. She was fine with that. Here’s a video of us making crumbles. Between apple and plums, we got into a couple sticky situations. This video was made in 2010.. I … Read more

What’s new with fundraising?

Share This: What’s new with fundraising? As a company we want to make a difference in our local community. We are launching a fundraising program. Many years ago I worked in the Fundraising field, I really enjoyed it. Had the privilege of helping many non-profits both in the traditional side and the corporate social committees side to raise money for their causes. Came up with “Let’s work together” Sedona Pies can help you to … Read more

Money Talks

Share This: Money talks a lot. When don’t we talk about money? Sedona pies is producing educational events to help food Entrepreneurs grow their businesses. This is a part of of Educational Talk Series We have put together a talk on where to find money for your food business. Whether your are just starting out or need some more omen to scale up and expand you’ll find the information valuable. There will be two … Read more

Getting Your Share of the Pie

Share This: Getting your share of the pie, which means getting seed capital or a micro-loan. Myra Goldrick interviewed me on Blab about Kiva Zip and how I used them to fund Sedona Pies. Never say, it’s impossible. This is Myra’s mantra and tag line. Read more about Myra on her website.

We are 100% Funded

Share This: Yes! We are 100% funded through Kiva Zip as of February 19th, 2016 come join us for our adventure in 2016. I have been spending my time calling following up leads for a shared commercial kitchen, so we can start selling Sedona Pies. As an Update it’s been an interesting ride. Even though we are now located in the bay area, I’ve realized that I didn’t ask for enough money. As a … Read more

Mincement Pies

Share This: The recorded history of mincemeat pies can be traced to the year 1413, when it was served at the coronation of Henry V of England. In the late 1600’s, mincemeat was served as a meat pie flavored with fruit and spices. Read more about it During the Stuart and Georgian times, in the UK, mince pies were a status symbol at Christmas! Very rich people liked to show off at their Christmas … Read more

Gluten Free Flour Reviews

Share This: Gluten Free Flour Reviews came about as I’ve been experimenting with a couple of new flours for making pie pastry. Coconut Flour by Nutiva, I found this flour in Costco – I was excited to find something that would possibly be something I could use for gluten free pie orders. Sunday, I took this Coconut flour out for a spin making pastry shells for Thanksgiving dinner. I have to say, I was … Read more

Fall Harvest Pie

Share This: Nothing like a fall harvest pie to experience the the warmth of the fall season. Pumpkin is very versatile in making muffins, bread, jam, marmalade, crepes, soups and not just for jack-o-lanterns. The contents, the meat of the pumpkin freezes well for future uses. I prefer to use real pumpkin rather than canned just a personal preference. 1.5 cups of cooked pumpkin + 1 Tablespoon cornstarch /3 cup packed brown sugar … Read more

Hot Raisin Pie

Share This: One of the favorite pies my dad loved was a Hot Raisin Pie, one that was just fresh out of the oven. Here’s a Apple & Raisin Pie Combo 4 cups sliced apples 1 cup water 1.5 teaspoons flour 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 cup raisins 2 Tablespoons butter I always find pre-cooking the apples a bit, leaves them softer for the pie. It’s up to you. Thinly slice … Read more

Who doesn’t like Apricots?

Share This: Who doesn’t like apricots, came about as after I posted that I made apricot jam on Facebook – friends said, “I hope a jar has my name on one.” Apricots are a delicious fruit – tends to be more on the drier side, they also can be very juicy. I was following a recipe – it kept saying to add water, which the amount I thought was too much. I added 2 … Read more

Chess Pies

Share This: Chess pies remind me of going to a tea party the little tartlets or smaller pies, kinda give you permission to eat more. Chess Tartlets 1 recipe of South Pastry 1/2 cup butter 1 cup sugar 3 eggs yolks 1 egg white stiffly beaten 1 cup chopped raisions 1 cup chopped nut meats 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 recipe Whipped cream Line individual shells with pastry. Cream butter, sugar, add beaten egg yolks … Read more

Raspberries, the Spring Treat

Share This: There’s just one thing I really love, that’s raspberries, the spring treat for tarts, crisps, muffins. In Alberta, Canada there are many U-pick berry fields – it a great way to take a break from your day. Pick your own berries and hangout with nature. There are here in the USA as well. Here’s a recipe from Roy’s Raspberries Tarts! – Mrs. Elsie Jones 1 can 7- Up or Ginger ale 1 … Read more

A Variation of a Pumpkin Pie

Share This: This variation of a pumpkin pie is a form of custard. There are many secrets we all have in making our specialities. 3/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ginger 1/2 teaspoon salt 1.5 cups pumpkin, canned 2 eggs 1.5 cups of hot milk Blend sugar, spices and slat together. Combine with pumpkin, add beaten eggs, mix well. Stir in hot milk. Pour into a uncooked pie crust at 425 F. … Read more

Fried Fruit Pies

Share This: Fried Cream or Fruit pies was one of the childhood favorites. Used to make them with the leftover pie dough my mom wasn’t going to use. This recipe is a little different, it’s a different kind of pastry that you’ll make. The Filling: 1 cup of milk – if you don’t like dairy use coconut cream or almond milk 1/4 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon butter 4 teaspoons cornstarch 5 … Read more

St. Paddy’s Lime Pie

Share This: Since St. Paddy’s day is coming up, how about whipping up a lime pie? If unexpected guests drop in, this is really simple to whip up. 1 – 9″ pie shell 6 Tablespoons butter 1 cup of sugar 3 eggs Grated lime rind about 1/4 cup 2 Tablespoons of lime juice 2 teaspoons cornmeal Pinch of salt A couple of drops of green coloring Mix the filling in a blender or food … Read more

Have you ever had a chard pie?

Share This: Have you ever had a chard pie? I thought I’ve never had chard until a friend said to me, do you eat mixed salad greens, then you’ve had chard. A girlfriend made this Chard & Feta pie, it was delicious. I want to share this recipe with you. 2 cups of shredded potato (use the frozen kind) or not at all 2 green onions minced 1/4 teaspoon salt 6 Eggs 1/4 cup … Read more

Logan Berry or Marion Berry Pie

Share This: Have you ever had a Logan Berry or Marion Berry pie? A friend asked me over the Christmas Holidays as she never heard of these kind of berries. She’s from the south and I’m more from the Northwest. This prompted me to give you berry pie recipes, both are chiffon style. This time of year frozen berries are plentiful. Logan or Marion Berry Chiffon Pie 1 Tablespoon gelatin 1/4 cup water 1.5 … Read more

Cherry Halo Pie Recipe

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Share This: Leaving you with this cherry halo pie recipe. No one will be guessing the name of this cream pie, with luscious red cherries piled high. Image credit FRESH CHERRY PIE 1 1/4 cups of sugar 2 1/2 Tablespoon of flour 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 quart tart red cherries washed and pitted 1 recipe of pie pastry for a 9″ pie Mix sugar flour, salt and cherries together. Line your pie with … Read more

Orange Marshmallow Pie

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Interesting combination isn’t it? The orange marshmallow pie is a recipe that comes from the 40’s. It will look like the picture above except it has a marshmallow meringue on the top. 1 cup of sugar 1/2 cup flour 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups of orange juice 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice 3 egg yolks beaten 2 Tablespoons butter Grated rind of 1 organ you could substitute with 1 teaspoon of orange zest … Read more

Eggnog Pie Recipe

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Share This: This is a wonderful Eggnog pie for this season..for your holiday parties a eggnog pie recipe. The recipe is as follows: 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin 1/4 cup cold water 4 eggs separated 1 cup sugar or equivalent 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup hot water 2 tablespoons rum 1 teaspoon nutmeg 1 baked pie shell or make your own 1/2 recipe of whipped cream topping ( I would use real cream) Chopped toasted … Read more

Happy Holidays for 2014

Share This: Wishing you Happy Holidays for 2014, will all the blessings your a holiday season. There are so many miracles happening right now – even if you are feeling sad, remember to turn on your switch to shine you bring inner light. Wishing the very best during the holiday season.

Happy Halloween 2014

Share This: It’s that time again, to wish you a Happy Halloween. When all the ghosts and goblins come out to scare us while they play. My friend Reno Lovison created his annual Halloween video. Enjoy! produced by Reno Lovison Be safe and happy!

Gluten Free Pie Pastry Recipe

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Share This: So many of my friends are eating more gluten free pies, here’s a Gluten Free Pie Pastry Recipe. Do it yourself mixture. 1 cup of gluten free flour 1/2 cup of corn starch 1/4 cup potato flour – not potato starch 1/2 cup chick pea flour 1/2 cup rice flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup shortening or lard 1 egg 1 teaspoon vinegar 4 Tablespoons of cold water Combine … Read more

Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

Share This: No matter what time of the year Blueberry Cream Cheese pie is always a popular treat. Don’t you just Love Blueberries? Especially in a Blueberry pie. Start with a 9″ graham cracker crust, 1 8oz of cream cheese package, 1 cup of sugar, 2 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. Beat all of these ingredients together and pour it into the graham cracker base. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes, just until … Read more

Gifts from the Universe

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Share This: How many times have you found yourself saying NO to gifts from the Universe? I was asking for an opinion from a trusted friend as I was given an opportunity to have Sedona Pies represented at a meeting, by bringing samples. I do believe in giving samples, sometimes though I’ve wondered if it has been worth my while. In this case, it was a request that was, was out of the norm. … Read more

Pie labs and more

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Share This: Pie labs and more are creating social change. Pie and Conversation = Social Change About PieLab PieLab is a breeding ground for positive change. Everyday you can brush elbows with community members over a slice of pie and cup of coffee and create something new. The Pecans! Project originated as a program that provided job training skills and scholarships to youth in the area, and is ran out of PieLab. Unfortunately, the … Read more

Culinary Incubators for Foodies

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Share This: Culinary Incubators for Foodies, or sometimes known as community kitchens help foodies to launch and start their food businesses. Getting the right help when beginning a business is critical to commercial success. Just ask recent NASFT sofi™ Gold Award Winner Argo Fine Foods. Co-owners Christel De Blasio-Pavlidis and Pavlos Pavlidis used the equipment at Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen, a New York City-based culinary incubator, to produce their tzatziki. One year later, … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving to You

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Share This: Happy Thanksgiving to you! It’s that time of year again to remember the kindness, the generosity and joy that is in all our lives. I found this Thanksgiving song, that I wanted to share with you, just to say, Thank you! Thank you for being a part of the Sedona Pie family.

Getting Squeezed

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Share This: A new juicer from France is making it’s way into the marketplace, Press Art Squeezer.  It’s cute. Get squeezed. The lemons or other citrus fruits, really need to be sliced into smaller slices, in 1/4 inch or so. The other benefits are: * Seeds stay behind in the rind and that you don’t have sticky fingers * The lemons don’t quirt over the table. * You get more juice out of the … Read more

Moving Sedona Pies to Success

Share This: Since moving to California, moving Sedona Pies to success is my next step and asking for your help. As a fan, what drives you to share and tell? I was still getting calls, like “What time are you open until?” “We want to buy a pie, what flavors do you have?” “Where can I get a pie?” “We are going to Sedona in November, or I am getting married and would like … Read more

Friendship Pies

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Share This: Friendship Pies are a wonderful say to stay connected to your friends, colleagues and your community. Friendshipies.foodstart from Mari-Lyn Harris As we are networking – it’s is the time of year when we start to plan our holiday dinners with friends and family for special occasions. Why do we wait for special occasions? Yes, we get busy with work, our volunteer activities and other things. I would think most people are thinking … Read more

Sedona Pies and Foodstart

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Share This: Sedona Pies decided to partner with FoodStart to use as our crowd funding platform to raise seed capital so we can re-launch in East Bay California. Foodstart only serves new and expanding businesses in the food-and-beverage industry. That includes restaurants, breweries, food trucks, markets, bakeries and cafes, community farms, and packaged food and drink products – in other words, if you can eat it or drink it, Foodstarters can back it! Why … Read more

Make White Zinfandel Wine Jelly

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Share This: Make White Zinfandel Wine Jelly, a cooking class with Detra Davis. This recipe will make 6-8 (8 ounce) jars. Here’s what you will need: 6 cups sugar 4 cups red wine 1 bottle liquid pectin Directions: 1. Combine sugar and wine in a large saucepan. 2. Mix well. 3. Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously, until sugar is dissolved. 4. Remove from heat. 5. Add liquid pectin and mix well. 6. Skim … Read more

National Food Day

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Share This: National Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable and sustainable food. Food Days, October 24, 2013 Food Day’s platform is very broad and goes across all sectors of the food movement, from public health to animal welfare. Food Day 2013 will focus on food education as a way to improve our diets, address obesity and other health issues, starting with schools and campuses. Food Day is a nationwide … Read more

Sensational Tartlets

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Share This: Sensational tartlets or little pastries. And why not serve them. A great slice of deliciousness. According to 1. a small pie filled with cooked fruit or other sweetened preparation, usually having no top crust. 2.a covered pie containing fruit or the like. 3. Slang. a prostitute or promiscuous woman. Verb phrases 4.tart up, Slang. to adorn, dress, or decorate, especially in a flamboyant manner: The old restaurant was tarted up to … Read more

Vinegar Pies and more

Share This: Vinegar Pies and more came about from the time when my mom would make pies. I remember when my Mom made pies. She used to use Lard, it came in a one pound box. She would cut it up with a knife and viola pies were made. She made many apple, rhubarb & strawberry and lemon meringue pies. There was an antique store that recently closed, there was a box full of … Read more

Why we don’t use additives

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Share This: Why we don’t use additives in our pies. The debate to use preservatives and additives, has been a concern for the our pies and for customers. This is why we make them natural with honest ingredients. We really don’t like to add additives simply for the fact, why do we need them? On the FDA website, they have a great article about Food Additives which is really another word for Preservatives. Some … Read more

Do people know who you are?

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Share This: When people know who you are, they’ll want more of you. Let us help you be appreciated. It’s just really simple. We find people just want to delight their husbands, their dinner guests or simply don’t want to bake or cook, so they call us to help them. If you want to be appreciated, order a Sedona Pie, your guests will be happy that you brought them something different. Something sinfully delicious. … Read more

Have you ever made a Nectarine Pie?

Share This: Have you ever made a nectarine pie? Neither had I until the other night. I was attending a workshop and went to Trader Joe’s to pickup fruit and wine to make a pie for the class. They happen to have Peaches on special – I looked at them and thought they would make a great pie. I got home and realized they were NOT Peaches they were nectarines. Even though the box … Read more

The GMO Struggle

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Share This: There is a simple, grass-roots cure to end the GMO struggle. Perhaps I’m a dreamer, an optimist, unrealistic in the extreme. Written by Susan Jackson Higuchi Grace Today when I read your latest article on General Mills’ Cheerios backing down under the onslaught of criticism regarding the GMO grains in their cereal, I figured it was time I finally write this idea of mine down; it’s not doing any good rattling around … Read more

Holiday Specials with Chef Marian

Share This: Chef Marian is offering Holiday Specials on Cooking Classes. As a Bonus when you book a class now you can do the class in January and February. Do you owe dinner invitations but don’t want to plan, shop and cook alone? How about planning it with great easy recipes, going shopping with Chef Marian on the phone advising you, before the event, so that she can explain how to pick fruits and … Read more

Sedona Pies Is In, Are You?

Share This: Sedona Pies is in, are you? With sharing the Sedona Pies is sharing the Kindness@Work book. It’s produced by Heart@Work Productions along with 11 other wonderful contributors who have shared their story of how Kindness has made a difference in their life. One of the many things that is coming up is Thanksgiving, which is a really BIG holiday in the USA. Later Christmas comes, it’s Canada’s BIG day. What do you … Read more

Women are Emerging as Master Brewers

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Share This: Women are emerging and becoming master brewers. Up until the last 20 years the American beer industry was almost exclusively male-oriented. They drank together they sold to each other. It was another Old Boy’s Network. This was their bonding time, just like watching football, baseball and other sports. NO women were allowed. More women are preferring beer – according to a Gallup Poll in July 2010 there has been an increase of … Read more

Sedona’s Culinary Club

Share This: Want to meet new friends for dinner? Bring yours and I’ll bring mine to the Sedona Culinary Club. This is one thing that I have always found is, when there in food, everyone starts joining in. They want to be a part of the event. As a family, there were picnics by the public pool, by the lake or BBQ’s at the cabin. Whatever event or celebration it was, we all gathered … Read more

Wouldn’t it be nice, Pies

Share This:  “Wouldn’t it be nice, Pies.” It would be nice to have a place to serve pies and coffee even if it was one afternoon a week, like on a Sunday? Sometimes, it’s just nice to go somewhere and have a delicious slice of pie and coffee.. We’ll see what comes up. Have you placed your name on the Guest List for the Underground Culinary Club yet? I’ve had some good responses for … Read more

What is a Foodie?

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Share This: Most foodie, “eating” is listed as a hobby. What is a foodie? A foodie lives to eat, and to eat to live is definitive boredom. A true foodie clings to all things culinary. From soup to nuts, a foodie seeks out the fun stuff about fine fare, along with the arcane, the academic, the in-depth, and the latest. To find the perfect cheese or the best macaroon recipe is life’s work. A … Read more

Are you Reading Food Labels?

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Share This: Are you reading the food labels? The imported food we eat and the junk we buy, is the REAL EYE OPENER ‘Green Giant’ frozen vegetables are from China and so are most of ‘Europe’s Best’. ‘Arctic Gardens’ are OK. Never buy the grocery store garlic unless it is clearly marked from USA or ‘Canada’, Buy only local honey, much honey is shipped in huge containers from China and re-packed here. If the country … Read more

Home Cottage Law – CA

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Share This: The home Cottage Law in CA. Our bill, AB 1616, the California Homemade Food Act, has secured a bipartisan list of co-authors, in addition to Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who authored the bill. Assembly members Jared Huffman, Bob Wieckowski, V. Manuel Pérez, Brian Nestande and Senator Mark DeSaulnier have all signed on as co-authors. You can read more about the bill here. AB 1616 was passed unanimously by the Assembly Health Committee on … Read more

Empanada Pie Day

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Share This: Empanada Pie day, is about celebrating the Spanish pie called Empanada. The Spanish word for bread is “pan”. ”Empanar” is a verb form that means “to bread”. Emapanada is the past-participle, “breaded”. It’s basically a single-serving turnover. It can be filled with sweet foods like fruits, sugars, and syrups, or savory foods like meats, cheeses, and oils. They originated in northwest Spain, in a region known as Galicia. Today they are most … Read more

Pie Clubs

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Share This: Thinking about Christmas gifts yet? A membership to a pie clubs can be costly – be sure to try one of their pies first before subscribing to joining a pie club. Most of pie clubs are for a minimum of 3 months up to a year. If you don’t like their pies, then you’ll know you won’t want to join their pie club. I found these other pie companies who have a … Read more

Does a NEAT glass make a difference to smell the aromas?

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Share This: Does a NEAT glass make a difference to smell the aromas? According to Ray Pearson it does. Ray is a nationally recognized single malt Scotch expert, with nearly 20 years in the spirits industry. This glass he is talking about is called the NEAT Glass. George Manska, an engineer, and management executive Christine Crnek, founded Arsilica, Inc. in 2003 to radically improve this situation. Design of the new glass is based on … Read more

Oak Creek Wines & Pies

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Share This: The Oak Creek Vineyard & Winery has been serving up fantastic wines since 2002. Also offer the largest selection of wine-related merchandise in Arizona. Enjoy a wonderful selection of wines, cheeses, salami, and olives while relaxing in our newly renovated tasting room, which is now open daily, 10AM-6PM. They say,“good wine grows on gentle slopes with a river nearby.” This is why we decided to build our vineyard here on Page Springs … Read more

Preparing for Thanksgiving & Pies

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Share This: Preparing for Thanksgiving & pies. What exciting things do you do to prepare for Thanksgiving? Every year as long as I can remember I’ve always prepared dinner (except for a couple of times, when I have gone over to other people’s place for dinner) had orphans over for dinner. Not necessarily, that they are real orphans, just people who didn’t have any plans or wanted to come over, or people who truly … Read more

How the women pioneers won the west!

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Share This: How the women pioneers won the west. During the lives of the pioneer women, I wanted to create a bit of history of how baked goods got started.. (really more about how pies got started) Many women got married and followed their newly married husbands and moved out west..and most of the time of course they gave up all their amenities that they had or gained. They settled in the Western States … Read more

Share your Stories with Sedona Pies

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Share This: Welcome back to Sedona Pies. Share your stories with Sedona pies. I surrendered doing what I was doing to get the funds to expand. It simply wasn’t flowing and I felt it was time to stop. So, I did. I am bummed about it right now, however I know something else will show up. Let’s move on. Next! This week I am going to do something different. In order to build a … Read more

Sinfully Delicious Blueberry Pie

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Share This: This sinfully delicious blueberry pie recipe was given to me by Maralyn Hill, it’s always been her favorite. Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie Submitted by Maralyn Hill Maralyn Hill 1 – 9” graham cracker crust 1 8ox package of cream cheese 1 cup of sugar 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon vanilla Blueberry filling (below) or 1 can of pie filling Beat the cream cheese, sugar, eggs and vanilla together. Pour into graham cracker pie … Read more

Home Safety Tips

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Did you know 52% of families take out food from restaurants or fast food places for dinner or lunch? We are much more concerned with being convenient in our eating. With this comes an issue with food safety.… Read more

We have Berry Pie – not the bird kind

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Share This: The story about Fresh Blackberries “If reason were as plentiful as blackberries, I would give no man a reason for compulsion” Henry IV, Shakespeare. Shakespeare sure knew how to turn a phrase, didn’t he? For instance some refer to the blackberry as a Bramble Berry, not our friend Will. He knew the best way to describe this bountiful berry was by its rightful given name. The Blackberry. The distinction between blackberries and … Read more

Father’s Day Pie Contest

Share This: Father’s day pie contest..Looking for a Father’s Day Gift? How about Beer and Pie! As a reminder it’s on June 17th. June is soon upon us, WOW where is the time going? It’s going to where we spend our time at. I have recently, re-acquainting myself with the Law of Attraction, listening to Rhonda Byrnes – “The Secret” audio’s. Then a friend introduced me to a book “Wildly Wealthy” by Sandy Forester..I … Read more

Foodie Incubators

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What I am proposing, is helping foodies to market their products..not only classes but a market where by they can sell their food in a Market. This is a private to anyone that would like to be a part of it.… Read more

Donate to Japan’s Relief Efforts

Share This: Donate to Japans relief efforts, When you do, I am giving you “The Sinfully Delicious Pie Book” written by The Pie Princess & Friends. You’ll receive thirty-three pie recipes, which contain a whole section of Sedona Pie recipes. Or Buy the book and I will give the proceeds to Japan’s Relief Fund. Currently, it says $4. will go to Feed America, however I will give all the sales of my book to … Read more

Foodies Feeding the Hungry

Share This: Foodies feeding the hungry are at the Farmer’s Markets, some of them have actually seen a 20 – 30% increase over last years attendance and in sales. Most of the supermarket chains are trying to offer local farmer’s produce, other local producers are they thinking they should be competing with the Farmer’s Markets? They have figured out that people want fresh produce not tired produce. And their spin is about helping local … Read more

Trending: Food Trucks

Share This: Trending Food Trucks, a revolution is coming, streets soon will be full to them, even food parks. Local governments should encourage the trucks because they bring communities to life, said Chris Muller, dean of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration and a former University of Central Florida restaurant professor. “The streets should be full of them,” he said. If you are considering it, be sure to check your local permitting laws. Tony … Read more

Positively Inspirational Encouragement = P.I.E.

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Share This: Positively Inspirational Encouragement = P.I.E. My friend Vincent Wright sent this over to me, it’s a wonderful thought and quote how anyone can think of it, and be uplifted in some way. Life is pretty good. My hubby was considering in moving us to California (2011) in a couple of months which would throw a wrench in developing more business in Phoenix. The decision is to not to go and luckily won’t … Read more

Spread a Little Sunshine

Share This: There is a fundamental thing about spreading sunshine around that will affect your food career more than getting a feel good out of it. You probably have heard about the universal law that when we give, it comes back to us ten fold. Try this. Go through your things an make a Goodwill run. Don’t do it for a tax write off, do it for the simple pleasure of giving. Even better, … Read more

Is the Secret Out?

Share This: Is the secret out? Spring must be arriving as if you have noticed there are more Foodie things happening. I just picked up Edible Phoenix a magazine about Phoenix foodies. Chef Gwen does write for them, of whom I met at the Farmer to Chef Day a few months back. She told me, she writes however she didn’t tell me that she cooks too! So, the secret is out – Supper Clubs, … Read more

Gift Offer for Pie Fans

Share This: Thank you so much for your generous offer Gail… Check out this special she has created for all of YOU Sedona Pie Fans. About Ahlers Designs Ahlers Designs provides corporations and individuals with innovative gift solutions, offering high quality executive gifts and awards. Our pieces are designed by Gail Ahlers, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, and are hand crafted in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We work with you to create … Read more

Pies: A Socially Conscious Business

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Share This: Pies: A Socially Conscious Business, got started when Mercedes Warrick last Friday when we were talking about “What makes my soul to sing?” And I replied, Sedona Pies. My plan is to use Sedona Pies as a vehicle for Social Change. The cause would be feeding the hungry. Mercedes said to me “Why isn’t there anything on your site about this?” Hence “We feed the hungry one pie at a time.“ Mercedes … Read more

Some of My Favorite Pie Groupies

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Share This: I tweet and find many wonderful people and their products on Twitter. The Hot Moppin’ BBQ are just one of the products/Tony, is who I have gotten to know. Our Sweet & Spicy Dippin’-Moppin’-BBQ Sauce is as close to “traditional” as we get! With the tangy flavor of apple cider vinegar, the sweetness of crisp apples, brown sugar and a hint of firey Southwestern spices this sauce will make your BBQ meats … Read more

Chocolate Trees for Charity

Share This: Chocolate trees for charity was written by Larry Knowles, the page no longer exists. It wasn’t the first of Roby’s chocolate-themed feats. The French-born pastry chef at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago broke the Guinness World Record for World’s Tallest Chocolate Sculpture in October 2006. His 20-foot-high replica of three New York skyscrapers, displayed at the F.A.O. Schwartz toy store in Manhattan, was feted at the time as a marvel of culinary … Read more

Happy Holidays! 2010

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Share This: It’s that time of year to reflect our blessings, and certainly I have many things to be grateful. New relationships, friendships, and opportunities. Really this is all that matters – We appreciate you the readers, contributors and all of you who make a difference in my life and with Sedona Pies. Thank you, Happy Holidays! happy

Food Trends for Winter 2011

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Share This: Food trends for winter of 2011. read more on Specialty Food. To read more on the Food Trends click here. Getting the right help when beginning a business is critical to commercial success. Just ask recent NASFT sofi™ Gold Award Winner Argo Fine Foods. Co-owners Christel De Blasio-Pavlidis and Pavlos Pavlidis used the equipment at Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen, a New York City-based culinary incubator, to produce their tzatziki. One year … Read more

Loving Bowls for Pies

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Share This: Loving Bowls for pies, it was a fundraiser in Sedona, AZ. Of course after you bought you bowls you could go have some chili and chocolate. I didn’t stay for the food, however I did get a couple of bowls for gifts. I was actually hoping to buy back a couple of bowls that I made, obviously I didn’t get there early enough to do so. Maybe next year and of course … Read more

The Pie Shop

Share This: It’s been a busy weekend, I found a few things that I would like to add here for the Pie Shop, take a look at NAO Giftware, there are some beautiful pie lifters large and mini ones that will go well with my smaller pies. They are just beautiful! Another gal had gift baskets made up of pie plates and pie lifters..take a look here. This is a recipe box, a whipper … Read more

The Pie CookBook

Share This: The Pie Princess has announced a new project, A Pie CookBook. I e-mailed out this video to those who are on our mailing list, if you did not get it, please let us know. Otherwise you can watch it now. Below is a submit form, if you would like to participate in the Pie CookBook Fundraiser – Raising money for the Feed America, food banks and pantries. To join my Pie Club, … Read more

Buy Local is a HOT Trend

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Share This: Buy local is a hot trend, the demand is exploding for locally grown and made products–which means more support for mom-and-pop stores. The dividend: For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $68 comes back to the community. Only $43 recirculates from national chain stores. The “buy local”ethos has its roots in the farmers markets movement: There are almost 5,000 farmers markets across the country, the result of more than 5 … Read more

Local Grain Project for Arizona

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Share This: The local grain project for Arizona, by today’s standards, many mills were powered by water Many mills were not converted to electricity until the 1920’s. Overtime stone mills were replace with a rolling milling process. Hayden Flour Mills is a local grain project , by re-introducing heritage wheat and corn as a local food crop in Arizona. In the 1800’s the abundant crops of Arizona Pima and Maricopa Indian farmers provided the … Read more

Top 10 Home-Based Baking States

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Share This: The top 10 home-based baking states. Written by Detra Davis, she is a former home-based bakery, and brain-child of the ever popular Home based baking website. A surprising thing is happening across America; many foodies are trying their hand at baking from home to not only make extra income but sell delicious food products in their community. Today food crafters have more options when it comes to selling their specialty foods, and … Read more

New Trends: Food Entrepreneurs

Share This: With the job losses and many people seeking work, one of the things people are doing is taking their family recipes and taking them to the marketplace. Creating their own job. If you are thinking about doing this here are some resources to get started with: Looking to rent a commercial kitchen? You’ve come to the right place. We know from experience that starting a food business can be a real challenge. … Read more

New Trends: Cause Giving

Share This: Let’s take a look at the new kind of trends which are called Community Philanthropy or cause giving. We’ll see more buying in bulk and a likely uptick in home freezer sales. People and companies stepping up to incorporate food philanthropy, so that it’s almost an automatic. Food drives will be enhanced by that $1 donation at the grocery checkout lane, In a tough economy, food and drink remain essential purchases. So … Read more

Re-launching Sedona Pies

Share This: Why it seems to be so challenging to get Sedona Pies re-launched? To me everything should just flow – everything goes you know what I mean? I took the summer off, just to re-think the direction of where Sedona Pies should be heading to. I spent a year just doing marketing, product development and research. What I found is that: People are willing to pay for a healthy, gourmet pie, they … Read more

Are You Ready for Gluten Free Pies?

Share This: Recently I got a hold of some Gluten Free Flour..of course the bean flour really didn’t work out well, so I bought some Bob Mills Biscuit Mix, which he has a recipe on it to make a pie crust..I just followed the recipe and made 3- 9″ pies from one bag of mix. Here are some pictures of what they looked like before and after. I made two different flavors – Sacrebleu … Read more

CSA and Pie

Share This: What is the Verde Valley CSA? It’s a group of Verde valley farmers who provide just picked, locally grown produce to their community. I met Sandy Boyce that Director at the Farmer to Chef conference last I said, I and glad that I went, met some really cool people. Sandy got into this project to bring the farmers to the consumers. It’s like a return to the old west. Or more … Read more

Meet Chef Gwen

Share This: I wanted to introduce you to Chef Gwen, we met on Twitter and told me about the Farmer 2 Chef day, of course I went. The only thing I knew about her she said she teaches cooking classes, writes a bit..I found out she’s rather modest. here’s more of her story. Armed with a pen and fork, Chef Gwen launches a blog Chef Gwen says she’s been extremely fortunate during her culinary … Read more

Farmer 2 Chef

Share This: Yesterday I attended a Farmer 2 Chef event to learn more about who else I could buy from, network with my peers. Their mandate for this event is to forge lasting working relationships between food producers and food buyers. It’s about building a network. Fostering a handshake economy built on trust, strong relationships and a mutual commitment to good, clean, fair food grown close to home. I am really glad I went, … Read more

The Pie Princess review..

Share This: It’s on Harry’s Hideaway Cafe Last night my hubby and I went to dinner at Harry’s Hideaway Cafe, it’s newly opened for a month now. Harry and I were Tweeting back and forth figuring out a day for the next Tweet Up. I didn’t feel like cooking so I asked hubby if we could go out to Harry’s for dinner.. Sure. We arrived around 6:30pm, they close at 7:00pm. (they are reviewing … Read more

What’s the Slow Food Movement?

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Share This: What’s the slow food movement about? Slow Food Nation began in Italy with the founding of its forerunner organization, Arcigola, in 1986 to resist the opening of a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps in Rome. In 1989, the founding Manifesto of the international Slow Food movement was signed in Paris, France by delegates from 15 countries. The Slow Food organization spawned by the movement has expanded to include over 100,000 members with … Read more

Tea & Pie Anyone?

Share This: I got to meet Valarie the proud new co-owner of Fleur de Teas located in Phoenix, AZ. We spoke several times on the phone about perhaps working together – Valarie was interested in either having people pick-up their pie orders during the week and eventually selling them as well. Also dropped off a sample – which was my Plum Pie with red wine and chocolate dribbled on top. Val dropped me a … Read more

Brownie Pie

Share This: On the road trip I was reading a paper about Gluten Free diets, from Sally Ann Shurmur who shares her recipes on gluten free. This particular recipe is from Carol Fenster Ph.D. Flour mixture you will need to make the brownies: 1.5 cups potato starch 1.5 sorghum 1 cup tapioca flour 1/2 cup corn or almond or bean flour Makes 4- 5 cups of flour mixture Brownie Mix 1 cup of flour … Read more

What’s a Community Kitchen?

Share This: This has intrigued me for a while, so I just Googled “Community Kitchens” and got several variations of what they are. This is something I would really like to have in Sedona, or somewhere close by – to have cooking classes, coordinate with the local Food Pantry’s/Banks, rent out space for new food businesses and even hire homeless or youth at risk kids who want to learn a trade. Guess what I … Read more

Oh Boy More for Beer Pie

Share This: There are more and more micro-breweries sprouting up, you can even do Beer Tours it’s not just for wine anymore. On our road trip I picked up the “Celebrator” it’s a beer news magazine. August/September was their 22nd Anniversary. Who says, you can’t be profitable working your passion? Not only are more breweries happening, some liquor laws are changing too! Look out for those people. Did you know that beer is a … Read more

Mussels Anyone?

Share This: Continued from the last post. Along our journey, I was able to take a few pictures.. About half way on our road trip we met Frank for lunch at the Front Street Grill in Coupville, WA. This link will take you to their menu. As an appetizer the boys ordered mussels, now I don’t eat them- just because they are usually so tough. Not an enjoyable experience. However these were delicious! If … Read more

Pane d’ Amore

Share This: When I first met Frank, he’s the Master Bread Baker and his significant other – they were busy, we drove up to Port Townsend to visit them. Too busy for a visit. On August 19, 2010 almost a year later Frank met us in Coupeville, WA for lunch, you can read more about this on the next post. What I really wanted to share with you is about Pane d’ Amore – … Read more

Pear Cake or Pie

Share This: This is my friend Georgette’s recipe – I’ve been able to spend a few days with her. It’s been a blast! I will miss her when I leave. 1.5 cups vegetable oil 2 cups sugar 3 cups flour 2 eggs 3 cups of pears chopped 1 cup walnuts 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt Mix together and put in a 9×12 pan. Bake at 350 degress F for … Read more

What Makes Us So Different?

Share This: Building your Food business one step at a time, I’ve put together some questions..for you to think about while you grow your food business. Ask yourself what my customers think about your _______? Pies: My customers love my pies..the raves I have gotten, and reviews really help. don’t forget to write a review on Yelp. Why is your product _____ is not a luxury? Pies: Sedona Pies aren’t a luxury because they … Read more

Are You the Next Star?

Share This: Food Network is seeking the next season stars – you have until October 2010 to apply I would apply if I could have a show on “Pies.” or “Desserts,” and of course you get to create your own recipes..which is what I love to do. I will continue to produce my own video’ never know where this will lead to. I’ll be on the road covering food and wine..will report back with … Read more

There’s a Shortage of Pies

Share This: How come? I don’t know. I am discovering that people want more than just a preservative filled pie, they want something unique like the ice cream story below. The Shortage of pies is because, people have forgotten about serving pies for desserts, of which my goal is to bring back pies to the marketplace. Yes, sure there are pies you buy in the stores..have you read their labels recently? It’s got all … Read more

Educational, Engaging & Entertaining

Share This: I had another post in mind for today..however my good friend Gordon Parlova was on Into the Soup Radio, Heidi is the host – a couple of weeks ago and I want to share it with you.. here’s the show. Scroll down to the July 31st, show. click on it and listen in. Gordon gives some tips in how to keep the customers coming back to your restaurant. It’s a good show. … Read more

Vote for Sedona’s Art Barn – Pepsi Challenge

Share This: This Art Barn is fantastic, I’ve learned so much from taking Dennis’s Classes in pottery, is such a cool place. I hope you’ll take the time to vote to help re-build the barn. You can vote everyday for the Pepsi’s challenge they are giving $250,000 away to the winner who is most voted for. VOTE TODAY!

From Planet to Pies

Share This: Since I like to work with local producers, like the wineries, the fruit growers, micro breweries and nut producers, Chef Gwen our of Phoenix suggested that I consider getting into the Slow Food show that is coming up in October…The event is for Trade Vendors only which really means that the food growers and producers are matched to cook up a storm for every one to taste.. I’m in! For those of … Read more

Sauza Tequila Pie Tasting

Share This: This is one of the video’s that I did to taste the Tequila Pie. I have tried making Tequila pies before and they didn’t turn out so I said, “They didn’t make the cut.” My friend Ashala said “I should give them another try”…so a few months later here is a recipe that seemed to work for a Tequila pie. Micaela a Event Planner and PR person said she would try it … Read more

Where and What in the World

Share This: I have been very fortunate to have been written about over the past few weeks..Maralyn Hill and her husband Norman, came out the the Pillsbury tasting…these are just some of their writings.. Pillsbury Wine and Sedona Pies with a Recipe Posted: 01 Jul 2010 03:57 PM PDT Good wine, good pie, and good company makes a good gathering. That is what we had when Pillsbury Wine and Sedona Pies had a wine … Read more

How to Fix a Store Bought Pie

Share This: Are you someone who likes to bake pies? If you are but just can’t seem to find the right pie pastry recipe and wants to learn how to bake them easily. There are hundred’s of recipes aren’t there, but how do you know which pie recipe will really work. I know, I’ve been there. That’s why I decided to make up my own recipes. You’ve give up in frustration because your pies … Read more

Country Apple Pie

Share This: This apple pie is not my recipe, however I have made it’s really quite good. The pastry recipe is more like a sweet dough. Here we go.. 1 3/4 cups flour 1/4 cup self-rising flour 1 T. icing sugar 2 T of butter 1 egg, lightly beaten 2 T lemon juice 1 egg white Sift the flours, sugar into a bowl and rub in the butter, add the egg and enough … Read more

Never Heard of Wine in Pies

Share This: Welcome to Sedona Pies. An update on the Tasting from the 26th of June.. It went pretty good. Comments like: “I’ve never heard of wine in pies before” that’s because Sedona Pies created them. “The pies are really good.” Thank you! “How did you think of combining the two ingredients together?” Just experimenting with ingredients to create a wine pie. “Well, they are awesome.” Thank you! When we added whipped cream to … Read more

Vino Cotto & Pies

Share This: A while ago Deanna sent me a bottle of their Vino Cotto to experiment with my pies. Vino is made by Montillo Italian Foods. It’s a Sweet “Cooked wine” Syrup, they followed their family’s 4th generation recipe that came from Calabria, Italy. I have been experimenting, and posted a couple of recipes on Food Buzz – one of them is what I call Strawberry Crush.. You can get the recipe by clicking … Read more

Sedona Pies Supports Feeding America

Share This: What can we learn from Las Vegas FMI? The exhibitors from the FMI donated to the Vegas Three Square Food Bank, 37,000 pounds of food! Who is FMI? “Welcome to FMI 2010, the largest and most comprehensive food industry event in North America! Join the world’s top retailers and wholesalers to learn the latest tools to expand market reach and keep business on the cutting edge.New Product Showcase. See the latest trends … Read more

Wine Pronunciation

Share This: Wine Pronunciation Guide Published Here’s a phonetic breakdown of popular wines, grapes, and wine terms so you can chat up the Sommelier [sum-muhl-YAY] next time you’re out for a nice dinner. And for me, sometimes I just don’t pronounce my wine correctly. Like Pinot comes out like noir…wrong! Armagnanc [ahr-mahn-YAK] Barbera [bar-BEH-rah] Beaujolais [boh-zhuh-LAY] Bordeaux [bohr-DOH] Brut [BROOT] Cabernet Franc [KA-behr-nay FRAHN (FRAHNGH)] Cabernet Sauvignon [ka-behr-NAY so vihn-YOHN (soh-vee-NYAWN)] Chablis … Read more

Cooking with Beer

Share This: The art of cooking with beer is challenging, however the essential principles are with a culinary craft boils down to a balance of sweetness and dryness of hops. ( a factor of malt and the residue of sugars). Beer can contribute richness-even sweetness and body-to sauces. Beware of the hops. They will change in nature in the cooking process, particularly when reducing sauces, and take on a bitter character that will dominate. … Read more

Name That Pie Contest

Share This: We’ve added a Rhubarb & Strawberry Pie to the family at Sedona Pies. Made with Rose wine, Rhubarb, Strawberries and Vino Cotto. (it’s a wine syrup) It’s delicious!  An excellent balance of the sweetness of strawberries and the tartness of rhubarb, with the wine providing a subtle flavor that both enhances and brings the flavors together as a whole.  I’d recommend that pie to anyone who would like an excellent fruit pie … Read more

My Pie Passion

Share This: My pie passion and purpose is about making a difference, this is what M.A.D. means. I do this by promoting, connecting people and then supporting a cause like Food Banks – “Feeding the hungry one pie at a time.” I consider myself a Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Evangelist, Author, Blogger, a wonderful friend who is supportive, I champion paying it forward. Love meeting and helping people. Recently, I changed my life forever … Read more

Rhubarb Marmalade

Share This: From my last post I wrote about serving and making available a Rhubarb pie. For the tasting with Pillsbury wines they will be made available. You can pre-order them..for pick-up, however not until June 26, 2010, when they’ll be sampled. Here’s the recipe for the Rhubarb I said, it’s great on toast, on a pork roast or use it as a marinade for your meat.

Strawberry Crush

Share This: I recently started to do some experimenting with new recipes again, sometimes, this could be dangerous only because I usually end up with a great pie and new discovery. From there my beta testers sample it and let me know what they think of it. the newest is what I call “Strawberry Crush.” It’s just that simple, made with Strawberries. Last week I had someone ask me if I make Rhubarb & … Read more

Wine Tastings

Share This: About Wine Tastings, they are becoming popular and an inexpensive for an evening out. A tasting is simply a tasting, it’s a sensory evaluation of the range of perceived flavors, aromas and general characteristics of a wine. To learn what you like and appreciate your own personal tastes. There are many new wineries popping up, and it’s your chance to go and explore them. Wineries will have a tasting room, so you … Read more

Buying Local

Share This: This one of our best solutions to keep money in our local community. Back in September 2009 Tim Holt a contributor to the Christian Science Monitor, called for a “Buy Local.” You can read more about his call here. A non-profit organization called First Arizona, started to work with local communities through supporting, maintain, and celebrating locally owned business through the state of Arizona. Their goal is to educate, citizens, stakeholders, business … Read more

Going Mobile

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Share This: This topic isn’t about mobile cell phones it’s about getting your pie, eating it and WOW’g your clients all at the same time. I recently was asked to deliver a large amount of pies to several locations. It has been an interesting exercise in being ready for those BIG orders and of course not having the answers right away. I began to do some researching on shipping, kitchen rentals and suppliers, I … Read more

Mother’s Day Pie

Share This: Looking for something special for your Mom on Mother’s Day? Celebrate the day with a Sedona Pie. Saturday May 8 – The National Letter Carriers are doing a Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Not only can you leave a bag of non-perishable food items by your mailbox. Your letter carrier will pick it up and deliver to a local food bank or pantry! Cool hey? Since the Food Bank or Food Pantry … Read more

Wine & Pie Tasting

Share This: It’s happening starting May 6, 2010 a Wine & Pie Tasting at Oak Creek Vineyards Winery. We’ll be tasting the Hello Mello which is mixed berries, blackberries, some blueberries maybe some strawberries too! With Merlot wine. This pie is very smooth… The second pie will be Amour which is pears and apples..I”ll likely mix a little apple cider in it too.. And Chardonnay wine. Oak Creek Vineyards is hosting the Camp Verde … Read more

Revive Yourself

Share This: Are you ready for that weekend getaway? It seems we’ve all had crappy weather, been very busy in our businesses or at work and why not take a break. I Love weekend getaways – it gives me a time to reflect take time to be kind to myself, to have a break away from my everyday life. Take your wife or husband along to rejuvenate your relationship. Bring out the tarnished sparks. … Read more

Into the Soup

Share This: Take a bit out of life, with Heidi Lee. It’s her show on I had a great’s a Party..If you would like to listen to the show..just click here. Gordon Parlova who is a PR guy for wine and food, got me the gig. If you want gigs from him give him a call..he’s fun too! Productive Public Relations Food and Wine Publicity Blog: Twitter:@WineAndFoodPR t: 602-565-9542 I am … Read more

Meet Some Wino’s

Share This: What a busy week and fun it was to be at the Water into Wine Festival last Saturday. Met some great people, sold pie by the slice.. here’s some people I met there: Patt Manheim of the Manheim Gallery they are open from Wed to Sat 1-5pm – their Gallery displays and sells Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Ceramics/Pottery and Jewelry. Check out their site Jerome Winery and Bitter Creek Winery – they … Read more

2nd Annual Water to Wine Festival

Share This: 2nd Annual Water to Wine Festival at Old Town Center for the Arts on April 17, 2010 Come celebrate spring at the Water to Wine Festival at Old Town Center for the Arts on Saturday, April 17th from 3:00 – 7:00 PM. Six Verde Valley Wine Growers will showcase their wines and offer wine tasting amidst music, entertainment, local foods, and educational opportunities to learn about green living. Headlining the event will … Read more

Shop for a Good Cause

Share This: We support the local food pantry by “Feeding the Hungry one pie at a time.” Every pie that you buy $2.00 does go the local pantry.” Keep this in mind when you are ordering. Another Shop for a Good Cause has come up it’s for the New Life Childrens’ Home/Medical Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This is a local Sedona Fundraiser. Sunday, April 18, from 11 am to 5:00pm and will take place … Read more

Wedding Traditions to Trends

Share This: Wedding traditions to trends with the History of Pie Fruit pies or tarts (pasties) where probably first made in the 1500s. English tradition credits making the first cherry pie, given to Queen Elizabeth I. Fruitcakes have been holiday and wedding cakes which have a very heavy fruit content. The name “fruitcake” can be traced back only as far as the Middle Ages. It is formed from a combination of the Latin fructus, … Read more

Verde Valley Wine

Share This: Verde Valley Wine is about the local wine makers here in Sedona, Cottonwood, Cornville and which is considered the Verde Valley area. Plus, I have been asking wine makers to do a pie and wine tasting – there is cheese and wine, why not pie and wine? The event will cover, “How to select a wine to complement your favorite Sedona Pie.” Hopefully, this will be announced shortly. Here’s some information about … Read more

Let’s Talk About Pie Trends

Share This: Let’s talk about fire trends. In the early 50’s to 60’s pie’s were a tradition for desserts, come the rise of frozen pies to turnovers. Then we’ve moved into the 70’s fast food pies like McDonald’s turnovers. In the 80’s is where we began to have more organic, artisan baking..taking a look at what we are eating, and the years are moving along people are recognizing their sensitivities to chemicals, food allergies, … Read more

928 Brides

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Share This: 928 Brides is a new Bride Magazine that has just launched, they are presenting the Prescott Wedding Walk as a Partner. Read their magazine here. The buzz about the most anticipated bridal experience of the year has hit the streets… the Prescott Wedding Walk! This special wedding event is dedicated to all of you brides & grooms who want to see, indulge in taste and be a part of a wedding atmosphere. … Read more

Wedding Pies are Becoming Popular

Share This: Wedding Pies are becoming popular for Grooms. Here are some Tips for Shopping for a Sedona Wedding Pie When you are looking for a wedding cake or pie check out your options, to make your day truly a very special one. Here are some tips: Start early, to find your baker or designer who you want to work with and set an appointment to discuss what you want and options. Look for … Read more

How to Save on Wedding Costs

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Share This: How to save on wedding costs, some of them are the things you can do yourself. Not all of them, just some of them. Most wedding dresses cost from $249 to $649 when they are marked down from full retail prices of $900. to $9,000. So where do you find these bargains? • At the end of the year sales at Bridal stores • Wholesalers may throw a trunk sale • Have … Read more

Doesn’t Your Man…

Share This: Doesn’t your man deserve something naughty for Valentines Day? Sedona Pies are gaining popularity for Valentines Day and for Brides on their Wedding day. Did you know that…. • St. Valentine become the Patron Saint of Lovers? • Esther Howland was the 1st artist that massed produced Valentine cards, in 1840? • Candy, Chocolate, Flowers, and Jewelry have been the traditional ways to express and share love, the sweetness of it all. … Read more

Have You Considered Wedding Pies

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Share This: Have You Considered a Wedding Pies. Many people would prefer a pie rather than a cake for their wedding. Recently I was speaking with a soon to be bride and she didn’t anticipate her cake to cost $2,000 to $10,000. Pies are a little more versatile, in the fact you can select many flavors or have The Pie Princess design one just for you. Custom made, just not the big price tag … Read more

Where and What in the World is Maralyn?

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Share This: Where and what in the world is Maralyn up to. You’ll find Maralyn Hill traveling, writing and sharing everything about food. Maralyn also has two books that she has written. You can find them on her blog. When the Hill Team was in Rockland, Maine last summer, they discovered all about National Pie Day – January 23. Now, they are also aware of a celebration in Sedona, AZ. So, east or west, … Read more

Celebrate National Pie Day 2010

Share This: Come celebrate national pie day with Imagine Art and Sedona Pies on Saturday, January 23, 2010 11am – 4:00pm If you want to know what that means you can follow the Pie Princess at  For a more decadent and direct experience you can sample her pies at Imagine Art. Order forms will be available that day (or orders may be placed and be paid for on the website) for all the … Read more

Feeding America

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Share This: Feeding America, in 2010 Crisco is donating 1 million pounds of food to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief charity. You can help feed your community, too! Here’s how: * Buy ingredients for your favorite dish, bring them to a soup kitchen and help the volunteers prepare a meal. Check with your local soup kitchen for specific rules about accepting donations and volunteering. * Participate in your churches bake sale. * Host … Read more

Happy Holidays 2009

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Share This: Happy Holidays To You and Yours, (2009) Tis’ the season is here already! My how time flies by. this is what happens when you are having fun. Might as well enjoy it, we never know how time we have here. I usually bake Shortbread cookies, Fruitcake and Tarts. Did you know, that I cannot find anywhere here in Sedona, pastry lined tart shells? I was really hoping to make some Mincement and … Read more

Thanksgiving 2009

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Share This: Thanksgiving to me is about sharing with friends, family and orphans. There have been many years where I have hosted a potluck dinner for people and invited people who really didn’t have family or a place to go to for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, I have friends that invite me over for dinner and celebrate with them. (I call my friends family too). Since this is a time of year that we especially Give … Read more

Welcome to Sedona Pies 2009

Share This: Dear Friends, Thank you for being patient with us. For those of you who don’t know, along with making “Delicious, gourmet pies made with naughty ingredients and Love,” we also participate in “Shop to End Hunger.” About 3 weeks ago I was asked to participate in another Feed the Hunger campaign starting Dec 15, 2009 until Dec 12, 2010 or until One Million pictures have been posted on the Thanks a Million … Read more