Foodies Feeding the Hungry

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Foodies feeding the hungry are at the Farmer’s Markets. Some of them have actually seen a 20 – 30% increase of attendance and sales over the few years. Most of the supermarket chains are trying to offer local farmer’s produce, other local producers are they thinking they should be competing with the Farmer’s Markets? They have figured out that people want fresh produce not tired produce. And their spin is about helping local farmers sell to … Read more

From Planet to Pies

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From Planet to Pies, since I like to work with local producers, like the wineries, the fruit growers, micro breweries and nut producers are great! Phoenix Devour is for Trade Vendors only which really means that the food growers and producers are matched to cook up a storm for every one to taste.. I’m in! For those of you who have not heard of it, or wonder what it all means – slow food? I went … Read more

What’s a Community Kitchen?

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What’s a Community Kitchen, there are many variations. The idea I had was to be able to offer cooking classes, coordinate with the local Food Pantry’s/Banks, rent out space for food businesses and feed the hungry.. Guess what I discovered? There is a Chef that teaches culinary skills to the homeless in San Francisco..there is an organization that does what I would like to have. Please read more. Many Community Kitchens offer specialty food processors, farmers, … Read more

Small Business Person of 2018

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Small Business Person of 2018, I just found out that I won on Alignable. Something fun to share. It just sprinkled a litte sunshine on my business. It seems we all can have wacky days, some you just have to go with the flow and others you want to say “What the #$%*?” I knew voting was happening on Alignable, as I did post about it. It was announced a couple of days ago. It’s exciting … Read more

Oh Boy More for Beer Pie

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Oh boy more for beer pie. There are more and more micro-breweries sprouting up, you can even do Beer Tours it’s not just for wine anymore. On our road trip I picked up the “Celebrator” it’s a beer news magazine. August/September was their 22nd Anniversary. Who says, you can’t be profitable working your passion? Not only are more breweries happening, some liquor laws are changing too! Look out for those people. Did you know that beer … Read more

Sedona’s Culinary Club

Want to meet new friends for dinner? Bring yours and I’ll bring mine to the Sedona Culinary Club. This is one thing that I have always found is, when there in food, everyone starts joining in. They want to be a part of the event. As a family, there were picnics by the public pool, by the lake or BBQ’s at the cabin. Whatever event or celebration it was, we all gathered together. Friends were always … Read more

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