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Good Food News is our newest addition to the Sedona Pie family. It started as monthly newsletter that went out each month, now it’s a Twitter daily paper.

Good food news -blueberry & cabernet wine

It got started as a way to keep reaching out to our food or culinary audience. Yes you can still subscribe to our blog via an RSS where you are sent the blog posts as they are published.

Secondly, started a newsletter about Good Food News – topics that include, food startups, buying local, food products, taking about wine, beer and spirits. a wide variety of food related topics, events and the news. This collection is from the people that write and share content based on these topics.

The 1st issue went out on September 12, 2016. Currently it’s set on every 24 hours a new issue will come out. If you want to receive the daily issue just subscribe to it. Follow us on Twitter @sedonapies.

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