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Say Yes!

Say Yes, is one of my favorite things to say – even though I may find too many things on my plate. I find sometimes when I get into the place to say STOP!! It literally stops the flow. I was challenged by a couple of people to do a 30 Day Kindness Challenge, as they wanted to support me in pursuing kindness workshops and the message Kindness can have in your business. Many of you … Read more

Praise Yourself

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You may wonder why I and writing about praise yourself on the Sedona Pies newsletter? I am calling out all of you who don’t take the time out to be kind to yourself. I recently was challenged to do a 30 day #Kindness Challenge – I’ve been posting them on my Facebook profile page. The intention for me to do this, was for me to shift back into the Kindness in Business model. How can this … Read more

Easter is Coming

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Easter is coming, are you looking for ideas to decorate, what to order for your family gatherings? Have you ever been in such a rush, you knew you forgot to do something, what was it… I know.. it will come to me. All of a sudden you remember – I forgot to order my pie from Mari-Lyn. oh no.. what am I going to do? I’ll just tell her someone else brought a pie to our … Read more

Here’s 10 Tips about Food Truck Catering

Here’s 10 Tips about Food Truck Catering, things you need to plan for, in your private functions. If you are wondering why I am writing about Food Trucks when I don’t have one – I hope it helps you in your planning of your catered events. Many people think of let’s bring them on.. it’s true bringing a kitchen right to your door is a great idea, there are things you need to do too! 1. … Read more

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