Celebrating life

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Celebrating life, is a big part of living a happy life or not. It’s part of giving, sharing and doing what you love to do. It’s all about creating what you want to experience. For the new year coming up in 2019, make a decision to celebrate your life with positive people and create it so that you can celebrate each day. One thing for sure for me is to … Read more

Bonus Gift with Purchase

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Bonus Gift with Purchase, remember when you went into the department stores they would give you a gift when you purchased a package? For this Christmas and holiday season, I decided to offer a gift with purchase. They are cute. A gift can, with 3 tarts inside. Try some different flavors, ones that you want to try, just haven’t yet. Or maybe you want to gift them to someone else? … Read more

A Perfect Gift to Give

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A perfect gift to give at Sedona Pies, is the Pie Membership and the e-Gift Card from Square. The Pie Membership was something I wanted to offer as an additional offer besides our delicious pies. Working on some packages for the Christmas Holiday season. They both together are the perfect complimentary gifts. I hope you enjoy yours.  Here are a few benefits: 3% year end reward (based on your purchases) … Read more

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