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Hello, Are you there?

hello, good news

Hello, Are you there? Some of us are ready to explore a little bit more further from the grocery store, some of us are even starting to host private parties. Some are ready for the experience of sharing with friends and perhaps even sharing what we do. On Monday, I was offering group coaching for … Read more

Unusual Reds for Summer

unusual reds.lambrusco

Unusual reds for summer, CHILLED. Any European vineyard cellar will be below ground.  The average temperature for whites and reds naturally chilled to 55 degrees Written by Valerie Hail Grands Fers Fleurie:  Of the ten Cru Beaujolais, I prefer the Fleurie for summer drinking and summer foods. Fleurie lends its floral perfume nose to lilacs. … Read more

That Summer is for Rose

That summer is for Rose.  Some people say that this is Rose’ season. However, having sold French wine, those of us in the industry, drink Rose’ all year. However, having sold French wine, predominantly, in New York, for over twenty-five years, those of us in the industry, drink Rose’ all year. Why? Several reasons: They … Read more

Planning a Party?

Party Gifts Guides

Planning a Party? Just letting you know that can help you coordinate a stress free party with our concierge services for a memorable dinner or party. I’ve always thought of myself a Party Girl, someone who uses her concierge services to help people create a memorable experience for years to come and go. Many times … Read more

Bear Stroll Emerges July 23

Bear Stroll Emerges

Bear Stroll Emerges July 23, from Hibernation Downtown Los Altos! Get your tickets today join us on Friday 6-9pm for a roaring good time in Downtown Los Altos! Bear Stroll attendees can taste a wide variety of craft brews from Bay Area breweries while enjoying live music throughout Downtown Los Altos. Be on the lookout … Read more

Receives 2021 Best of Sedona Award

2021 best of sedona awards

Receives 2021 Best of Sedona Award, SEDONA June 8, 2021 — Sedona Pies has been selected in the Bakeries category by the Sedona Award Program. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Except there is one catch, I have to pay for the shipping of this award. Each year, the Sedona Award Program … Read more

Brunch Quiche Disappeared Quickly

Breakfast Quiche

Brunch quiche disappeared quickly, I made this fabulous quiche with simple ingredients. After it was baked, there are only two slices left between four people. I must admit, it tastes great! Once you see the picture you will want me to give you the recipe for your family. Ingredients: 1 quart of beaten eggs 1 … Read more