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Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee?

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Drinking a really good cup of coffee goes really well with a slice of pie. Why? Because they both create a social experience. Memorable. Coffee can be just as romantic as a glass of wine as it’s about the experience of who you are with. You know when you are out with friends and you are sharing a nice bottle of wine then when you get home it doesn’t taste the same? It’s because you aren’t … Read more

Have you ever been surprised?

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Have you ever been surprised, for some people is like a loss of control. For some people being it’s a delight. What if you surprised someone? I was at a meeting the guy facilitating was asking people if anyone had a surprise birthday party created for them and how did they feel? A few people said they loved it and a few people said they hated it, it was a feeling of a lack of control. … Read more

How to stand out from the crowd

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How to stand out from the crowd is about a new relationship strategy. Someone has likely asked you what is your marketing strategy is for 2019 by now. I was asked this by Brian today as we were trying to remember how we were connected – we met for coffee the second time. He asked me what networking groups am I joining or going to. I said currently only one. CF3. I am thinking of maybe … Read more

Valentines Gifts for your Sweetie

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Valentines gifts for your sweetie. It’s a great time to share your love and they will most likely appreciate you even more. The best Valentines flavors for winter pies are made with the fruits currently not in season like cherries, blueberries, raspberries, marion berries & strawberries. Mixed berries are a perfect combination for Valentines day. Hello Mello would be the perfect flavor. Take advantage of our Valentines Day offer It’s a package of mini hearts 6 … Read more

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