Doesn’t Your Man Deserve Something

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Doesn’t your man deserve something naughty for Valentines Day? Sedona Pies are gaining popularity for Valentines Day and for Brides on their Wedding day. Did you know that…. • St. Valentine become the Patron Saint of Lovers? • Esther Howland was the 1st artist that massed produced Valentine cards, in 1840? • Candy, Chocolate, Flowers, and Jewelry have been the traditional ways to express and share love, the sweetness of it all. • The Pie Princess, … Read more

Have You Considered Wedding Pies

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Have You Considered a Wedding Pies. Many people would prefer a pie rather than a cake for their wedding. Recently I was speaking with a soon to be bride and she didn’t anticipate her cake to cost $2,000 to $10,000. Pies are a little more versatile, in the fact you can select many flavors or have The Pie Princess design one just for you. Custom made, just not the big price tag to go with it. … Read more

Where and What in the World is Maralyn?

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Where and what in the world is Maralyn up to. You’ll find Maralyn Hill traveling, writing and sharing everything about food. Maralyn also has two books that she has written. You can find them on her blog. When the Hill Team was in Rockland, Maine last summer, they discovered all about National Pie Day – January 23. Now, they are also aware of a celebration in Sedona, AZ. So, east or west, enjoy National Pie Day. … Read more

Celebrate National Pie Day 2010

Come celebrate national pie day with Imagine Art and Sedona Pies on Saturday, January 23, 2010 11am – 4:00pm If you want to know what that means you can follow the Pie Princess at  For a more decadent and direct experience you can sample her pies at Imagine Art. Order forms will be available that day (or orders may be placed and be paid for on the website) for all the tempted who will want … Read more

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