Gifts of French Wine

Gift of french wine

Gifts of French Wine, which Valerie has chosen some very special wines that are easy to find, yet very special for the discerning wine connoisseurs and collector. 

Food Sustainability

9 Holiday Baking Substitutions 

What is food sustainability about? The idea of sharing other information about food and sustainability matters to Sedona Pies. We all can take action. One of the newsletters I really enjoyed getting was called the CropMobster.. they closed their doors August 2020. Here’s their good bye video. There is really good Sustainability services really need your help, some of you may be interested in, you …

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Foodies Feeding the Hungry

foodies feeding the hungry

Foodies feeding the hungry are at the Farmer’s Markets. Some of them have actually seen a 20 – 30% increase of attendance and sales over the few years. Most of the supermarket chains are trying to offer local farmer’s produce, other local producers are they thinking they should be competing with the Farmer’s Markets? They have figured out that people want fresh produce not tired …

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Where is the Home Cottage Movement?

home cottage law

After a little thought, mostly just action I decided to create a Facebook Group for this movement As I felt that there are likely more states that are trying or would like to have a Home Cottage Law in place.

Where and What in the World

Where and what in the world

Where and What in the World, I have been very fortunate to have been written about over the past few weeks is Maralyn Hill. Maralyn Hill and her husband Norman, came out  to the Pillsbury wine tasting…these are just some of their writings.. They both were the first ones to give me a pie review. Pillsbury Wine and Sedona Pies with a Recipe Posted: 01 …

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