Bonus Gift with Purchase

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Bonus Gift with Purchase, remember when you went into the department stores they would give you a gift when you purchased a package?

For this Christmas and holiday season, I decided to offer a gift with purchase. They are cute. A gift can, with 3 tarts inside. Try some different flavors, ones that you want to try, just haven’t yet. Or maybe you want to gift them to someone else?

Bonus gift

It will be a fun package. All you have to do is order a pie or a dozen tarts. The Bonus Gift is only while supplies last.

This is a nice package for yourself or someone special. The Bonus Gifts are especially known in the fragrance counters. You usually get some sample sizes to try out their newest additions.

Starbucks usually offer, buy someone a gift card and we’ll give you one. Buy one of our coffees and we’ll buy you a coffee. Some of the things they do.

Then there is the Buy one – Give one. There’s a whole website to find interesting gifts.

There are several different kind of ways you can give back and enjoy for yourself. At Sedona Pies I like to say we help people make a difference in their own lives by being kind to themselves first. This is one thing I have realized myself, is for all the many years I have helped people, it’s time to be kind to myself and the way I can help others is to Love what I do and share it. Sedona Pies or baking in general is something I have always enjoyed to do.


It gives me great joy to share my LOVE and KINDNESS with the people who buy from me. Whether it’s to drop by and hang-out, buy a pie and share it with your friends and family.

During the Thanksgiving Holiday, I dropped pies off to people unannounced, they were so happy to receive an unexpected gift. Many of them said, “It never made it to the dinner table.” Friends dropped by, they shared their gift with their friends or ate it all themselves. They would say, Mari-Lyn it was so delicious!

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Enjoy your Gifts!
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