Cabernet Paring with Sacrebleu Pie

Cabernet Paring with Sacrebleu pie. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grape varieties.

Cabernet Paring with Sacrebleu Pie 1

It is grown in nearly every major wine producing country among a diverse spectrum of climates from Canada’s Okanagan Valley to Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley. Cabernet Sauvignon became internationally recognized through its prominence in Bordeaux wines where it is often blended with Merlot and Cabernet Franc wine blends.

Cabernet is a dry red wine made from a variety of grapes. They tend to be dry red wine made from a single widely cultivated variety of black grapes — called also cabernet.

Paring this with Sacrebleu – it’s a blueberry pie, made with Cabernet Sauvignon wine. As wine pie, it’s made only with wine and the berries, no added sugar. Our sugar conscious customers can eat and enjoy the wine pies without feeling guilty or bad for eating something sweet.

Sacrebleu is one of the first flavors that I created, it’s the base recipe for all the wine pies. If you do like something sweeter, I just suggest to add whipped cream and ice cream. When the fruit is sweet, then the pie tends to be sweeter.

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It’s a perfect dessert for Valentines Day or even a everyday treat. I’m working on sharing the pies, they aren’t just for dessert, for anytime that you crave something delicious.

What kind of Chocolate pairs well with Cabernet?
This is the perfect opportunity to accentuate the subtle chocolate notes of a Cabernet Sauvignon, a rich dark organic chocolate would compliment well.
She knows has some great reviews of wine and chocolate.

The idea is to experiment with your foods that you enjoy to eat cooking with wine and other spirits is usually called fusion cooking.

Until next time, Enjoy!

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