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Customer Happiness

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Customer happiness, what does this mean to you? For many of us we want to know if we are serving our customers/clients well.

If I’m not, I want to know how I can better serve you. The one thing I’ve noticed is that the people who keep buying from us over and over again are those who we support is some small way. I had one customer say to me, “That what little she knows about marketing, she likes how I am always asking for feedback, did she enjoy the pie?”

To me if you aren’t enjoying it why bother eating it and I didn’t create a delicious memorable one.

Customer happiness also means getting referrals, more sales, people who talk about you in a positive light. Besides me here at Sedona Pies, I want my customers to be happy with the service and the pies they order.

What are some other ways I can help you? What are some ways or ideas that you as a business owner would be interested in buying Sedona Pies for your clients.

Just to say, “I appreciate you?” or “Thank You”

My question is to you is “If you don’t have a customer happiness or retention program are you getting enough referrals or repeat business from your current customers?

Have you ever heard of the Net Promoter Score?

It’s a measurement for customer happiness. It’s a short survey to see where you are at when it comes to customer retention. I’ve come to believe that as an owner, or if you are a client service manager in your company you need to be concerned about your Customer Happiness factor.

You could still do a great job and providing a service or selling your widget, if you don’t do any measurements or assessments, how do you know where you are at?
If no one is responding to your surveys, this isn’t good either.

Here’s my proposal:
Sedona pies can help you give meaningful gifts from the heart, so you can be remembered. When you are memorable, it’s easier to refer and promote you.

Who wouldn’t like to be memorable? Sign up for a webinar about how you can create your own customer happiness program. Heart@Work will be presenting a webinar on this very topic. Sign-up and get notified to learn more about it.

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