Customer Loyalty Program

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We’ve just put together a customer loyalty program when you join not only can you get 20% off your orders we have other perks too!

Italian Euphoria Amaretto & Almonds

Keeping our customers loyal is really important to us. We’ve partnered up with CB20 it’s full name is Cash Back 20. Not only can you get 20% off of Sedona Pies you can also shop with other merchants on the app or any of your favorite stores and still get cash back.

Watch the video about our new customer loyalty program. Here’s the Video.
At the end of the video, if you would like to know more just fill out your name and contact information. We can’t wait to help you to save money and keep shopping at Sedona Pies

As a merchant it’s important that we are using digital marketing at it fullest that we can and still be able to reach out to our local customers like YOU! Along with CB20 we will also give you our V.I.P. package.

Very Important Person V.I.P Bonus offer:

When you refer three new customers who buy a yearly subscription for the pie of the month club. You’ll be upgraded to receiving:

▪ 10% off your new orders

▪ Reduced ordering time to 24 hours instead of 48 hours

▪ Complimentary partner discounts

▪ A complimentary 5″ pie with each monthly pie that is delivered to you

We are very excited to offer you a way to save money and still be able to give you 20% off when you buy from Sedona Pies.

If you have any questions about our customer loyalty program just ask! Besides making and delivering sinfully delicious pies to you we also want to win your loyalty.


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