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Discover our pie recipes the more there are the merrier. We have quiet a few of them posted on this website, they are under the category of Delicious pies.

pumpkin pie

For example how about Biltmore Pumpkin Pie?

The fall season is something that I love, the leaves are falling.. the warmth of the day is still with us and yet it starts to cool down a bit in the evening. It’s a great time to cuddle up with your sweetie, turn on that fireplace sip a cup of tea or coffee to finish the evening up with a slice of pie. Especially your favorite pie.

Just yesterday I tried another test to make a gluten free pie crust.. I have a friend who can’t eat lard, or whole wheat or grains so I took the palm oil made a pastry with a blend of coconut flour and rye flour. From baking with the coconut flour before, I had to double up the water I usually add to make everything stick together. The crust it’s self performed just like a gluten free crust. Crumbling. The filling was apple and beer.( Sedona Spirit) the crust cooked faster than the filling so I ended up just making an apple crumple pie. Here’s the finished pie.

Gluten Free Apple pie

It tastes good.. I still can’t get used to the taste of Gluten Free crusts. Likely this is what a gluten free pie will be more of the crumble lie a “Brown Betty.” Where there is less crust and just the crumbling of the crust.

If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share please submit it. as we get ready for our pie contest.

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