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Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee?

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Drinking a really good cup of coffee goes really well with a slice of pie. Why? Because they both create a social experience. Memorable.

Coffee can be just as romantic as a glass of wine as it’s about the experience of who you are with. You know when you are out with friends and you are sharing a nice bottle of wine then when you get home it doesn’t taste the same? It’s because you aren’t in the zone of this memorable experience of the place and friends you shared the bottle of wine with.


My point being when you enjoy a great experience of great friends, wine, food and dessert with a Sedona Pie – you are now creating a memorable experience.

Recently I spoke to Anthony Olivera over at Century 21, he’s their marketing genius who has been hired to bring on more younger people, helping the veterans of real estate to use social media and other ways to WOW their clients. They also have a mentoring program. He shared some ideas in how Sedona Pies and Century21 can work together and how I can improve my social media Facebook and Instagram followers.

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, I would suggest that you gather your friends over for a workshop or educational talk serve really good coffee or wine and serve Sedona Pies.

While I am on this subject, I did a talk a couple of weeks ago about How to stand out from the crowd. If you have a space in which I can do a workshop about this topic, or people who would collaborate with me – like a coffee company, a space provider, maybe a wine company please reach out to me on Facebook, or Instagram or call me 510-320-8332.

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