Do you Love dark chocolate?

Do you Love dark chocolate? Why do we have such a craving to indulge a love for chocolate? Is it because it makes us feel better,  it’s satisfying or something else?

When I was thinking about what I would write about this week, I got this tweet @Chocolate porn it’s like a 10-12 layer dark chocolate cake, I thought this will be my topic.

Many of us know about how it’s made.. if you would like to read about it’s history, the History channel has a great story.

I’ve always loved Dark Chocolate, white chocolate always seemed to taste like candy to me. I just never believed there was such a thing as white chocolate.

Until I read this morning..  it is! White chocolate is a chocolate confection, pale ivory in color, made from cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and sometimes vanilla.  White chocolate does not contain cocoa solids, which are found in other types of chocolate, such as milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It is solid at room temperature 25 °C (77 °F) because the melting point of cocoa butter, the only cocoa bean component of white chocolate, is 35 °C (95 °F). It just doesn’t have the cocoa bean in it.

Here’s the thing, since 2004 in the United States, the Code of Federal Regulations defined that white chocolate should contain “not less than 20 percent by weight of cacao fat. White chocolate products may not contain artificial coloring agents.

Proved me wrong!

The biggest producers of coca are west African countries, and of course the concerns of child labor and trafficking were a major concern in 2018, still to this day.

The best Dark Chocolate that we love, is to buy organic and free trade.

Buyer’s Checklist for the people who “Do you Love dark chocolate”

The best dark chocolate has distinct characteristics, including the following:

  • High in cocoa: 70% or higher cocoa percentage.
  • Cocoa comes first: Cocoa or a form of cocoa is the first ingredient.
  • No unnecessary ingredients: Avoid dark chocolate that contains trans fat, milk, artificial flavorings, high amounts of sugar and other unnecessary ingredients.
  • No alkali processing: Alkali processing is also known as Dutching. Avoid chocolate processed this way. ( thought it was a good thing, it isn’t)
  • Fair-trade and organic: This type of dark chocolate is more likely to be high-quality, ethically sourced and pesticide-free.

Follow these tips to make sure your dark chocolate worthy of your purchase. Read more on Healthline

I’ve only used Dark Chocolate 70% or sometimes organic making pies.. it’s just tastes so much better and the bitter taste softens in baking.

For example the Tequila Pie – “Delicious” its name is made with dark chocolate. It seems to match with the Tequila.. both strong flavors.

And the pie made with Beer Naughty,  always the darker the better, as its baking it hold his flavors, lighter beer like pale ales.. you can hardly tell its made with beer.

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Got anything you want to share about why you “Do you Love dark chocolate?”  

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