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Does a NEAT glass make a difference to smell the aromas?

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Does a NEAT glass make a difference to smell the aromas? According to Ray Pearson it does.

Ray is a nationally recognized single malt Scotch expert, with nearly 20 years in the spirits industry.

neat whiskey glass
This glass he is talking about is called the NEAT Glass. George Manska, an engineer, and management executive Christine Crnek, founded Arsilica, Inc. in 2003 to radically improve this situation. Design of the new glass is based on scientific principles of evaporation and aroma technology. In 2010, the NEAT™ (naturally engineered aroma technology) glass was born in their design studio in Las Vegas, NV.

Ray says “The glass is to enhance the enjoyment of all spirits through science, truth an common sense.” These glasses are made from 100% lead-free Crystalyn ™ crystal. Patent pending.

This is my review of how this glass works and sampling a South Carolina Backwoods Bourbon by Vickers Brothers.. it does smell sweet and I am not over powered by the smell, I can actually enjoy the Bourbon as a freshing drink.

I am going to try Tequila too …as you know most people won’t drink it straight as it is too overpowering and then you have the finish that is really tart..almost bitter.

Here’s my review:

I am smelling the desert, the Agave plant has a certain taste. The glass certainly allows me to really taste the spirits, without the 1st intake when you smell from a regular glass. The sweet spot to the glass really gives you an opportunity to actually enjoy the spirt without adding any water. ice or mix.

Now I know when people put their nose to a glass of wine, what they really ought to be smelling. It’s the aromas, the notes when one gets really good, you can get your nose insured because you are specialist in smelling aromas. This NEAT Glass is definitely a way to appreciate your spirits.

Currently, the NEAT™ glass is sold on-line

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