Excelsior Wine Label

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The excelsior wine label was made famous by the de Wet family, in recognizing this they took step to enrich their employees’ lives even throughout the Apartheid.

Apartheid was detrimental to the South African Community for at least five decades, 1948 – 1998.

Maryellen Phillips interviews Peter de Wet of Robertson vineyards, noted for one of the most recognized wine labels in the U.S. Listen to her fascinating interview here:


This  focus is how the de Wet family created a joint venture with some of their 275 employees in order to keep them employed year -round. Risky and rewarding steps,  yet Peter felt that apartheid destroyed so many lives that he and his family wanted to create better opportunities for them. This great contribution to the South Africans who work the Robertson Vineyards was expanded to offer a joint venture with those who wanted to work the property year round. And it began with citrus groves, Peter tells us.

Vintners and the Community – Excelsior – established a play school on the Robertson property for children in their community. It has currently 20 children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years attending daily. Teachers follow a comprehensive Early Childhood Development Programme to give them the best possible start before their school career commences.

Peter explains the education is quite advanced and is proud to have his own children attend the schools. Excelsior also partly financed a computer room at the departmental preparatory school which is adjacent to their estate. They employ a remedial teacher at the school and work with the Anna Foundation to manage an after school programme which is a holistic targeted programme of 3 R’s, Reading, Running and Right-ing.

The adults, according to the blog, the Horse’s Mouth, have houses built for them on the land which include plots for kitchen vegetables and larger hectares for irrigated gardens.  If the adults choose, they can also have cattle which brings them extra income.  ( Community | The Horse’s Mouth)

Beehives, Rugby team… it sounds like the Excelsior site is the perfect community..and they produce some of the most popular easy to drink, food friendly, patio pounder wines.  The Cabernet is the workhouse, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, neck to neck in THAT RACE, next to the Cabernet.

Excelsior produces a ROSE’! It is named after Peter’s daughter, Caitlyn. Shiraz grapes are in that robust bottle of pink.  In house chef says perfect food pairing is seared tuna or a bowl of fresh strawberries.

Excelsior’s award winning wine is all about #realwine for #realpeople. Excelsior Wine Label is known for wines that people thoroughly enjoy drinking

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted varietal at Excelsior and is thriving in our limestone rich soils. Blessed with a wonderful climate for growing wine grapes.

We offer wines that are dependable, reliable and true; crafting the biggest selling South African Cabernet in the USA



Written by Valerie Hail


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