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Farmer 2 Chef

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Farmer 2 Chef, in AZ it’s an event to learn more about who else I could buy from, network with my peers. Their mandate for this event is to forge lasting working relationships between food producers and food buyers.

It’s about building a network. Fostering a handshake economy built on trust, strong relationships and a mutual commitment to good, clean, fair food grown close to home.

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I am really glad I went, simply to connect with everyone and especially for me to connect with possible people who have kitchens.

Here’s a break down to where your food dollar goes to:
38.5 cents to farm labor
8 cents to packaging
4 cents to transportation
3.5 cents to energy
4.5 cent are profits
4 cents is advertising
3.5 cents depreciation
4.5 cents rent
2.5 cents interest
1.5 cents in repairs
3.5 cents in business taxes
3. cents in other costs (property taxes, insurance, accounting, professional services PR & Misc.)

81 cents goes to off the farm costs
19 cents actually stays on the farm

Buy Local more Stays Local. For every $10.00 that is spent on a national chain, only $2.00 of it stays in your local community. When you buy local $8.00 will stay in your community. Be sure to buy local as much as possible.

Thank you for the Edible Communities
for coordinating this event..for more information check your local Department of Agriculture. In Arizona it’s at here.

Discover where your local Farmers Market’s are just do a Google Search..for AZ it’s

Until next time, Happy Baking!

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