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Feeding the Hungry

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About feeding the hungry, this is my review written in the Specialty Food Magazine
The original article written by Pascal Le Draulec, a food writer.

Naughty Pie

Be a part of the solution, how to change what people are eating. Famous chefs are on a mission who love being bad, a growing majority of the want to do good. How can they change their ways? They all said, “We have to change the way we think of food.”

Jose Andrés is teaching earthquake victims in Haiti how to cook with solar power, or teach adults to overcome addictions, incarceration or homelessness how to prepare a healthful meal from scratch in a culinary job-training program. During a 60 minute interview last year he asked more “Chefs of America to be more outspoken about how we are feeding America. we should be more committed to the 97% of Americans who don’t come to our restaurants.”

Some other chef’s have answered the call, like Jamie Oliver, Dan Barber Ray Garcia, Bill Telepan, Michel Nischan and Bruce Sherman. I am sure there are many more that weren’t written about the Speciality Food Magazine. Every one of these Chefs have found a way to give back, and to help us eat better.

We found away to feed the hungry, and we’ve been feeding them so badly that they are now obese.” Bill Telepan says.

The disparity in our schools, to the homeless and the hungry are growing, how can we all get involved is solving this epidemic of not eating healthy?

Even if all the fancy restaurants in the country bought local it wouldn’t make a blip,” says Michel Nischan, we need to get Americans to change their purchasing and eating habits, otherwise a sustainable food system will never be possible.

There is a Chefs Collaborative, that Bruce Sherman is the National Chair of, every summer he takes out his line cooks to go out to meet the farmers who grow and the raise the ingredients for his restaurant. It doesn’t take long for his cooks to realize that there’s a name, a face, a pair of hands that go with that tomato. They can associate a turnip with Jennifer or a raspberry with Paul. Once a connection is made, it’s hard to treat the ingredients disrespectfully and honor the farmer who grew it.

We need more successful partnerships, supporters to help each other in all facets of our businesses, more so in the food business. How can you get involved?

✓ Find out what is being fed to your children at school
✓ Host farmers at your hotel or restaurant, let them share with you their produce and what produce they can provide
✓ Create a Farmer to Chef conference in your town or city
✓ Buy from your local farmer’s market
✓ Don’t have Time to give, invest in someone who is wanting to make a difference in your community
✓ Give healthy food to the food banks
✓ Teach a cooking class

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