Follow the VINTNER not the VINTAGE

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Follow the VINTNER not the VINTAGE  Bordeaux Rose the uninitiated Bordeaux wines are known for their powerful red varietals creating austerity & masculinity

This might seem odd, as Bordeaux wines are more known for their reds not Rose’ or Blancs’

Whereas most of us want a “ patio pounder” for the rose season,  for spring and summer sipping, the Bordeaux Rose’s will fill a yearning for a “ meatier rose to pair with lighter meats and bigger dishes such as Paella or BBQ shrimp.

These wines are perfect for us vegetarians also.  Remember my food and wine paring guacamole and Bordeaux Blanc.

Here are a few Bordeaux Rose to try:

Chateau Leoville Barton, The Barton family’s passion for wine is reflected in the elegance and consistency of Château Léoville Barton.

Chateau Brown Primeurs 2021 : all you need to know! Discover the different facets of 2021 vintage at Château Brown, explained by Jean-Christophe Mau.

Domaine de Chevalier  is located in a clearing in the middle of a forest that protects the vines from extremes of temperature. In fact, Chevalier is a sort of secret garden, far from the limelight. This is something of a paradox for such an excellent wine, among the greatest in Bordeaux.

Common varietals in these Rose’s will be Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Franc will add some spice to the rose’ making it a fuller bodied summer sipper.

Bordeaux Rose’s are just coming into popularity as there has been an avoidance from the establishment. The Bordeaux appellation covers the entire Bordeaux wine region, a very large geographical area with a wide variety of soils and terroirs. Surface Area. Aromas. Fresh with intense aromas, strawberry, gooseberry, grapefruit. Taste. Light and decadent with lovely roundness.

However, the younger imbibers prefer the light colored, pale hues and simple taste profile as the Provence Rose’s exhibit.  Bordeaux Rose’s are reaching for a defined style.  The style of saignee, literally “ to bleed, the blended varietals together, produce a heavier style.  That type of production actually produces the very early style of Clairets.

Luckily, the vintners are creating non- oaked roses which produce the sought after pale pink.  The terroir in the Bordeaux region can exhibit a pale bluish tint to the rose’ if it sees oak. Some vintners will employ a brief maceration, looking for vibrancy.

“ Honorable mention “ Bordeaux Blanc


Bordeaux Blanc is best located in this specific sub appellation “Entre deux Mers “.  Translates to between two rivers Garonne and Dordogne.

The blend will typically be Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion and Muscadelle. Gravelly soil can be seen exposed especially in Graves & Sauternes

Graves also produces exquisite Bordeaux Blanc. Graves is a wine district on the left bank of the Bordeaux region in France, characterized by the gravel soils (graves) after which it is named. Unique among Bordeaux’s sub-regions, Graves is equally respected for both its red wines as for its whites.

What is the Difference Between a Vintage and Non-Vintage Wine?

Collector’s value specific vintages from different regions when a region produced exceptional wines in a particular year.

It is also a common for vintners to blend wines from different harvests together to create what is designated as a non-vintage wine.  This is why you  follow the VINTNER not the VINTAGE

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