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Food Sustainability

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What is food sustainability about? The idea of sharing other information about food and sustainability matters to Sedona Pies. We all can take action.

One of the newsletters I really enjoyed getting was called the CropMobster.. they closed their doors August 2020. Here’s their good bye video.

There is really good Sustainability services really need your help, some of you may be interested in, you can even get some books about growing your own gardens and see how you can help.

How can we take action and truly step into responsible stewardship of the planet while maintaining a hopeful and life-affirming outlook. Why sustainability needs our help and why food, energy and water can help us all.

~FOOD: From production to preparation
~ENERGY: Alternative & renewables
~HOUSING: Energy efficient & off-grid
~WATER: Purification & conservation
~WASTE: Zero waste living & recycling
~HEALTH: Self-care & medical breakthroughs
~ECONOMICS: Shifting the money paradigm
~CONSCIOUSNESS: Exploring a new way of being

And more…

Why food sustainability matters to use? This is written by Aimée Wimbush-Bourque is the editor, main writer, chief cook and bottle washer around here. She’s wife to Danny, mom of three kids and boss of two cats. A former chef-turned modern homesteader and food blogger, Aimée chronicles her family food life from the dining room table surrounded by toy cars and cookie crumbs.

Aimée could never cook without good quality spices, olive oil and sea salt and loves dabbling in gardening, foraging, and canning. When she’s not scrolling through Instagram, that is.

Food loss and waste is something that everyone, and every organization, can do something to solve. Learn how your office can play a role, just listen to the webinar. Another article I found about why food waste is a major problem.  At a time when 12 percent of American households are food insecure, reducing food waste by just 15 percent could provide enough sustenance to feed more than 25 million people, annually.

As you know, food waste is a big problem. If you don’t share your extra meals, donate it, you’ll throw it out. Why not find a way to help someone else?

Check out the recipes section.

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