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Getting Your Share of the Pie

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Getting your share of the pie, which means getting seed capital or a micro-loan.

Myra Goldrick interviewed me on Blab about Kiva Zip and how I used them to fund Sedona Pies.

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Never say, it’s impossible. This is Myra’s mantra and tag line. Read more about Myra on her website.

Kiva Zip is about human connections. As a Kiva Zip lender, you have the chance to become a customer, brand ambassador and business adviser to the borrowers that you’re funding with interest free loans.

I was able to crowd-fund a business loan in less than 30 days, not everyone does and because my loan amount was low it seemed to be much easier. Yes, I know crowdfunding is available, however personally I found it a little painful. It’s important that you have a team of people working with you to get your crowdfunding campaign off the ground.

I share that in the initial stage called “Private,” is when you need to find the people to loan you a certain amount before it goes to the Public platform. I see why they do this, as the loans are given based upon who knows, likes and trusts you, even if they just give $25. For some people they would say, I don’t care if I get paid back, it’s important for the borrower to make sure they pay back the loan.

Kiva Zip recommends that you start low and work your way up, the maximum that you can get a loan for os $10,000. By this time in your business, you will have other options to get more money if you need it.

Myra, mentioned Kiva Zip has a guarantee – there is no guarantee that you will get your money paid back.

With this being said, they do have a 98% pay back record, people do payback their loans.

In the video I was speaking through a sore throat, I apologize if you could hardly hear me. Perhaps we’ll do the call again another time.

Now, that I have received the loan money, it’s time to start ordering supplies, I found a kitchen to rent..sign the paperwork, pay rent and start growing. One of my goals I stated to a group of people was that I wanted to serve 5,000 people in 2016. This means that I am able to donate $5,000. to feeding the hungry.

Time to get marketing and tasting the pies..

If you have any special occasions or would like to sign up for the Pie of the Month club please let me know. Call us at 510-564-7880 or fill out our contact form

We’ll have the shopping cart running very soon!

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