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Do you give “Thank you” gifts?

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Do you give Thank you gifts? It’s a question I ask many people and wonder why people don’t or who do – don’t they have customers & family to appreciate?

When it came to gift giving at Christmas time, I always gave my Grandparents a gift box with cheeses, sausages and little cookie packages.

They Loved them!

They were older and couldn’t get around much, and it was something that I knew they really enjoyed. Sure they could go to the coop and buy groceries, they just didn’t buy themselves special foods.

This is my Grandma Evelyn & Grandpa Winnifred
Grandma.Grandpa I miss them, Grandma and I would make apple pies together, anything with apples.

I wonder if you have any stories about giving gifts or if you have received them yourself, how did you feel?

A gal order a pie when I was in Sedona, she wanted to give her Uncle a pie since she hadn’t seen him in awhile. He loved Blueberry pies. I took a little video when I delivered the pie to him and sent her a copy. He was a senior, and really loved the pie was touched to get the pie.

Lisa, I met her on a weekend workshop and we were talking about saying “Thank you,” and this is spontaneous. She just said, “Her husband and her give really good customer service at their Outdoor Toy Store.“.

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How much preparation do you do? Do you feel good before you get started? Let’s make it a fun way to deliver excellent customer service. Love to serve you, let me know how I can help.

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