Gluten-free is the fastest-growing segment

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Gluten-free is the fastest growing segment or category of non-traditional baked goods. The global market for gluten-free goods reached $6.2 billion in 2018, a 65 percent increase over 2012.

It’s expected to grow an additional 7 percent a year through 2025, according to Markets and Markets.

They’re popular even though the condition they’re designed for, celiac disease, affects only about 1 percent of the U.S. population. 

Many consumers who don’t have celiac disease swear by a gluten-free diet, saying it simply makes them feel better. Even diets for Paleo and Keto advocate Gluten free.

As gluten-free products increase in popularity, automating their production becomes attractive, or even required. But it’s a particularly challenging kind of scale-up. Yes, it’s hard to really scale up, meaning to make large batches. In the volume is where a producer can start to make a profit.

Sedona Pies offers Gluten free products, I’ve even made the pastry with butter, vegetable shortening, sometimes eggs and applesauce also works.

I recently made a peach pie for a gal who has an autoimmune health challenge, the pie was perfect for her. Rose said, she got some Almond whipped cream. She told me, she called 4 other bakeries in the Fremont area, I was the only one that could help her.  

As you may know that I don’t add sugar to the fruit pies, if I do like for rhubarb pies I’ll add a little Agave. I’ve found that people who have health challenges like diabetes love the fruit pies. The fruit is usually sweet enough,naturally sweet. If they are not sweet enough, for you, then you can simply add some ice cream or whipping cream. 

I am finding more and more people are cutting back on their sugar consumption, other alternatives are honey, agave, stevia that I am aware of that are better choices.

If you know of someone who has a special need, if I can help them I will.

**Remember Sedona Pies for any of your fundraising projects, large or small.

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