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Wine & Pie Tasting at Pillsbury Wines, on June 26, 2010..a Rhubarb & Strawberry pie was made with their Rose wine; a Fresh Peach was made with their Pinot Gris. Everyone commented how good they were, and never heard of wine and pie together.. That’s because we invented it.
From my last post I wrote about serving and making available a Rhubarb pie. For the tasting with Pillsbury wines they will be made available. You can pre-order them..for pick-up, however not until June 26, 2010, when they’ll be sampled. Here’s the recipe for the Rhubarb I said, it’s great on toast, on a pork
Wine & Pie Tasting at Oak Creek Vineyards..It’s happening started May 6, 2010 a Wine & Pie Tasting at Oak Creek Vineyards Winery. We’ll be tasting the Hello Mello which is mixed berries, blackberries, some blueberries maybe some strawberries too! With Merlot wine. This pie is very smooth… The second pie will be Amour which is pears and apples..I”ll likely mix a little […]#
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Life’s too short to not to eat pie. Sedona Pie Co. is the all-American dessert. – Cached
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Nov 11, 2009 … Sedona, AZ: November 11, 2009 – Sedona Pies is launching in Sedona! These are no ordinary pies – they include one “naughty” ingredient ……/new-business-sedona-pies-by-the-pie-princess/ – Cached
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Sedona Pies was born “Life’s too short not to eat pie.” We make Adult Gourmet Pies. Why adult you ask? Because they are made with beer, wine and spirits, … – Cached
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Apr 1, 2009 … Now, there are some pies that have reached a new level. Mari-Lyn Hudson has started making Adult Gourmet Pies and is marketing them through … – Cached
Where and What In the World: Apr 26, 2009
Review: Sedona Pies – Adult Gourmet Pies. Pies, I have always loved pies. … Mari-Lyn Hudson has started making Adult Gourmet Pies and is marketing them … – Cached
Due to the hijacking of Sedona Pies, ( Oct 09) we lost a bit of history, here it is, these are a few of our archived postings.

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