The relationship marketing series is being introduced to Solo Entrepreneurs or Small Business Owners who want to grow and expand their referrals and client base.

Relationship Marketing

This program was developed a few years ago, it was very successful. I know that there are several ways to grow your business, truly I believe that growing relationships is the best way for an influential business.

As a matter of fact many years ago a friend & I did a workshop. “Developing your Ideal Client,” we at the workshop guaranteed your ideal customer would appear in 48 hours. I know this series will make a difference for your business.

RelationshipMarketingebook the “Relationship Marketing e-book.”

Along with the content in this e-book, we’ll be doing a series of topics to help you to grow your business.

* How to get more referrals
* How to keep your customers/clients to keep buying from you
* How to appreciation works

Customer Retention Survey

Take our survey about Customer Retention..

Many other topics that I see small businesses struggle with. If you have topics you would like to learn more about let us know.

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