Happy Easter (2023)

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Happy Easter (2023) to you and yours! It’s good time for a spring refresh..

I’ve been more focused on my other projects which includes, volunteering at Score as a Mentor, learning new software so I can add more courses, sales and figure out a way to merge all that I do into one service package. I am not really sure that is possible as many of the things are in different topics.

  1. a Podcast about creating an Impactful Legacy, you can find them over on kindnessatwork.usTo create an impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving a legacy of what you want to be known for by inspiring the human spirit.”
  2. I blog about Living well- mental health, kindness and self-care, Living unhoused, Marketing are my main topics over at heartatworkonline.org
  3. Recently, as a new Score.org  mentor. I will be leading the CEO Advisory Forums as well..they have been very successful in Orange County. I’ll post a link when it’s ready. This is a very exciting project for me.
  4. I really miss Sedona Pies and baking..not sure how to fit this one in..
  5. I have a housing project that I need to finish the business plan..so I can raise money to build out.

The software that I have been learning, will allow me to streamline more things together.. I think.

The newsletter is going out 1x per month now instead of weekly.. In appreciation of you continue to subscribe to the news at Sedona Pies.. you can get a “Very berry sweet recipe book.”

My Happy Easter Gift to you!

Mari-Lyn Harris

oops! I hope you get this before Easter

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