Happy Holidays for 2023

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Happy Holidays for 2023. Whatever your wishes, goals or intentions are for 2023, know that they are there for you.

This Christmas I didn’t do any cards, gifts or… then I was going to offer pies or my usual gift baskets, then one day I said I’m not doing any baking. I’ll wait until January 2023

It was a very quiet Christmas,  I was supposed to house sit, that fell through, I did spend a night a friends house on Christmas eve, as she hosted a little gathering with her friends.

Christmas lunch was at another friends place.. the food kept coming. I even packaged up a plate to take home with me.  Look at that Hot Chocolate Station?  Biscotti’s and chocolate chunk cookies. The house was full. It was really great to visit with my ex housemates. Happy holidays 2023 Happy Holidays for 2023 1 Happy Holidays for 2023 2 Happy Holidays for 2023 3










Today, I’m in the Library, hanging out.. staying dry. I drove through one too many large puddles.. the weather is crazy out there. So stay warm and dry!

Pray for those of you who are stranded in an Airport, or can’t get home or get to where you want to go. Be safe, and take care of each other.

After coaching a group of CEO’s for 6 months, I’m opening up a Mastermind group  end of January..if you are interested, read more about it and book a strategy call with me.

I’ve also joined SCORE as a volunteer, to continue to help other Entrepreneurs in their Marketing.. and likely the foodies.

Next week I’ll post where you can order your New Years Pies. Remember the wine and pie reviews?

Happy Holidays for 2023!











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