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Have you ever been surprised?

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Have you ever been surprised, for some people is like a loss of control. For some people being it’s a delight. What if you surprised someone?

I was at a meeting the guy facilitating was asking people if anyone had a surprise birthday party created for them and how did they feel? A few people said they loved it and a few people said they hated it, it was a feeling of a lack of control. When you need a lot of control over everything, I wonder what it’s like to live with you or work with you?

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For those who had a birthday party planned for them it was so cool. They just enjoyed the experience.

I personally haven’t had someone surprise me on my birthday. As a kid you know it’s your birthday and you are going to have cake and a few friends over to celebrate with you.

I did create two surprise birthday parties (both ex’s) one loved it, the other one killed it. (our friends were not happy that he wouldn’t play along, his reasoning – I didn’t tell him!!)

What if you took the time to surprise your friends, clients’ for even people you didn’t know? At Thanksgiving last year, I made extra Pumpkin pies for those very last minute people who would call up and say, “Do you have any pies left?”

A day before the people who would normally call me, I decided to give them away. I called up a few clients who had ordered a few pies throughout the year and dropped by. I gave them a pumpkin pie. They were so delighted and happy that I did that. They were expecting family and extra company that getting that pumpkin pie – they were very appreciative.

One couple I gave one to, said to me later “It never made it to the dinner table for dessert.” They had unexpected company who popped over, and they served the pie. Everyone really enjoyed it. Complimented on how good it was, that it wasn’t really sweet like most of them are.

I didn’t get anyone saying “they hated it, just more raves“.

Being surprised, like giving a gift of pies or tarts to your clients will often delight them. Often they will like you even more.

“People will forget what you said and did. They’ll never forget how good the pie tasted.”

Let Sedona Pies help you to surprise and delight your customers.

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P.S. Valentines Day is coming up soon!

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