Hello, Are you there?

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Hello, Are you there? Some of us are ready to explore a little bit more further from the grocery store, some of us are even starting to host private parties.

Some are ready for the experience of sharing with friends and perhaps even sharing what we do.

On Monday, I was offering group coaching for Artists.. there was a gal who started hosting cooking classes and sharing information about her Mandela’s she makes. Seeing, how popular her dinner parties came, she wanted to explore how would she charge for them, because she was buying all the groceries and no one was chipping in money for them. She also sold her special spices that she uses.

Working with artists..there is an amazing amount of talented people, how do they promote and market themselves, was what the 1/2 day event was about. What I have known for this past couple of years, how we used to market isn’t working any more.. Things have changed to online and in to having experiences.

It’s always interesting to find people well educated, like to push their education or agenda, upon those of us who have been in the trenches of promoting our art work (Yes, I am a professional artist). And are here to help others.. everything with this gal is about her… She didn’t like my message, it didn’t apply to her,  I am glad that one of the other speakers took over..

This Saturday I’ll be working with a Chef Pablo, I’ve assisted him the last 3x, he lives out of the USA, different neighbors will host him to come cook a 7 or 8 course dinner, up to 8 couples come. He teaches them about the wines that compliment the food he’s prepared..by the end of the night I go home with a little care package… It’s a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to get out of the house and being of service.

What are you up to these days? Have you ventured out?

There is a Concierge event coming up on Sept 15, 2021 – I’m going to go..maybe you would like to go too?  Let’s do a contest, write a comment on this post or on Instagram.. I’ll give away a ticket, 🎫 and we can hang out together. The comment should say Concierge SP.  Win a ticket!

Guest writers wanted

Want to write a guest post for Sedona Pies? Always seeking stories or experiences to share with people or maybe you have an event coming up. Good News is great news, inspiring people with our stories..

Creating your Legacy

On another side-bar note I am inviting you to attend a workshop about sharing your legacy in a playbook.    We all have a story to share, what’s yours?

Now, I would like to help you to write up your own playbook, by starting with the end in mind. A play book will point you in the right direction. It’s a gift you give to your friends, family and yourself. Everyone will love you for it.

Join me if you can..click here to find out more information.

Until next time… stay in touch and safe!







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