Hidden Seas Winery

Hidden Seas Winery, is working towards their goal of removing one billion plastic bottles by 2030. That for every one bottle sold of  The Hidden Sea wine, ten plastic bottles are removed and recycled from the ocean.

Hidden Seas Mission:

Our mission to help educate and address the issue of plastics in the oceans. For every one bottle sold of The Hidden Sea, they ensure ten plastic bottles are removed and recycled from the ocean, with a goal of reaching one billion plastic bottles by 2030.

To formalize and measure the progress, The Hidden Sea partnered with The ReSea Project, as well as having launched a collaboration called ‘The Billion Bottle Clean-Up’ with Zero Co from Australia. To date they have removed and recycled 26 million plastic bottles. The QR code on each bottle allows anyone to track The Hidden Sea’s progress to date.

Co-Founder, Justin Moran, emphasized, “We can’t reach our goal alone. This has been and continues to be a group effort with consumers, market partners, brand ambassadors, retailers, and distributors.”

About The Hidden Sea

The Hidden Sea is an Australian wine brand from the famed Coonawarra wine region of South Australia along an area called The Limestone Coast. The brand is committed to cool-climate quality and environmental responsibility, crafting exceptional wines, while leaving a positive footprint on the planet. This purpose-driven ethos resonates with a growing band of consumers who prioritize sustainability and authenticity in their purchasing decisions. Co-Proprietors, Richie Vandenberg and Justin Moran.

Read more about them, website is  thehiddensea.com/

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