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Where is the Home Cottage Movement?

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Where is the home cottage movement now? It’s expanded into the selling food from your kitchen. The rules are different for each state.. be sure to check them out.

Cottage Food Operations (CFOs) became legal, allowing people to prepare, package and sell non-hazardous foods from a private home kitchen under the Homemade Food Act. Only specific foods are approved for CFOs and they have to be foods that don’t require refrigeration to avoid people from getting sick. In other words non-hazard foods. Read more here.

Then there is the new COOK Alliance, Peter Ruddock, is one of the Founding Advisor sin the Bay area to get this started.

Legitimizing these home businesses will offer a means of economic empowerment and pathways for many to achieve the ‘American dream,’ ” Garcia said when the bill was signed.

There are restrictions. For example, home food operations must be inspected and registered with the county where they are located, and, like other food facilities, must follow health, training and sanitation standards. Also, the cook or a family member must deliver meals directly to the end customer and not employ an app or retailer, says Peter Ruddock, an advisor for the advocacy group C.O.O.K. Alliance that supported the bill.

Even though no counties are fully on board yet, he says early adopters are “going to show the way and then there’ll be the ones who drag their feet.” Likely the Food Inspectors.

Ruddock suspects it will take a few months before any county jumps into the pot. “Things are starting to move,” he says. “It’s not build it and they will come. It’s the cooks come and make a lot of noise and then they will build.

When a county approves the ordinance, bakers and chefs will then be allowed to make up to $50,000 annually within the law — that’s about 60 meals per week.

Home cottage foods, have expanded, every state has their own laws.. Take for example the State of California.

After a little thought, mostly just action I decided to create a Facebook Group for this movement. As I felt that there are likely more states that are trying or would like to have a Home Cottage Law in place. There are many other groups on Facebook that you can join.

Here’s an example from a group in Florida, who is trying to do the same thing.

Come join us! The more people who are working on this cause it will be better for all! I’ll look into getting a shorter link. You can just search for Home Cottage Laws.

Also if you haven’t heard about Slow Food, it’s another great organization to belong to. This year 2021, they are going through a major rewiring of our live, some of us have lost friends, family, businesses, marched in the streets for racial justice. Slow Food USA has cancelled regional gatherings some events have moved online. Recently they launched a program call “The National Resilience Fund.” in March 2020. Closed their office in Brooklyn and working from home.

Centering relationships means slowing down and building stronger ties.. with people of color. It means examine our internal policies and strategies to see how we may truly active our equity inclusion and justice manifesto. It means mixing joy and justice as we share meals and share our stories.

They are asking for a financial contribution to keep them going. I’ve always been a member since I attended the local meetings. If you want to check them out..

The next step for Sedona Pies is to have my own kitchen I can bake out of, commercially is nice.. hours are limited and can’t necessarily bake anytime you want to.

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Happy New Year, by the way..

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