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How to Raise Money

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How to raise money is the topic for this post, it is always a hot topic especially for women and food businesses.

At one of the talks Sedona Pies was co-hosting along with KitchenTown Central here’s a recording of Arno Hesso’s talk about Crowdfunding and a little about It’s a short clip, Arno really goes over the basics about finding money for your business especially for food businesses.

This past week I attended Jenny Kassen workshop on Funding and Fueling Your Dreams. She specializes in working with women who are making a social impact with their business. You can read more about what Jenny offers here

Why is it that we have such a hard time raising money for our businesses? I believe it’s because we especially for women we have been trained not to ask. Also it really depends upon what kind of business you are wanting to raise money for. The Silicon Valley way of doing things is more for IT or Tech companies. We call it fast money. The intention is to grow big, fast and sell.

A food business is called Slow Money, meaning that you will get your money back it’s just slower.

How to raise money, there are many resources and various ways to go about it. Find your tribe, build your community and you’ll get there, don’t forget to ask.

I hope you enjoy the talk with Arno – I know I learned a few things.

Happy Trails to you

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P.S. Don’t forget that you can use Sedona Pies to help you to raise money for your programs.

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