How to support local producers

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How to support local producers, here are 5 ways in which you can support local food producers. Plus, can we  fix restaurants?

1. Choose restaurants that source foods locally and support workers – you just have to ask them how they support the local food system.

2. Check out Slow Food’s Ark of Taste can help you discover what types of foods are unique to where you live.

3. Buying locally produced items from grocery stores, sometimes in lieu of the farmers market, can ensure that local products stay on the shelves—and may lead to grocers stocking even more options. Be sure to ask your grocer to carry more.

4. Preserve do some pickling, canning fruits or learn how to make jams & jellies

5. Volunteer in a farmers market, to in a local food pantry, or ask how you can support your favorite maker.

Will Sedona Pies return? I keep saying yes, it’s always about finding a kitchen that I can depend upon and  where I am permitted to bake to be fully functioning.

To have enough storage, space and time in, without this I’m sloping my baking supplies around. Buying supplies as the orders come in. It’s expensive to keep doing this.

This is my next project to buy a container and convert it into a commercial baking kitchen. Containers are already built to code, can stand bad weather, it will have built in storage and could rent it out to other bakers if need be.

I had a nice conversation with a gentleman, who wanted to order a key lime pie,  I had to tell him that we are closed due to the pandemic.

He was asking for other suggestions, I geez I don’t know. Due to the pandemic most places were closed.. I suggested Whole Foods or a grocery store. I know this isn’t what he wanted..

I happened to drop in a Whole Foods, stopped in to see what bakery items they had, they only are making high end cakes.

So, much for my suggestion.

Can we fix restuarants?
“Independent restaurants are such a vital element in our ecosystem, because if they don’t exist, that void will be filled by big box, high-funded restaurants,” Tilton said.

The National Restaurant Association, the U.S.-based trade organization, estimates that over 90,000 restaurants and bars have closed since the start of the pandemic. Kristen Hawley writes about restaurants and technology from San Francisco. She’s the founder of Expedite, a weekly restaurant tech newsletter.

Welcome to Restaurants Act, the restaurant industry’s grassroots and resource center– a one-stop hub for restaurants, employees, customers, and industry partners. During the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, we hope this site will become a go-to resource for the entire industry, providing a comprehensive look at information and resources at the federal, state, and local levels.

Give your support 

If anyone is interested in collaborating or supporting the bakery kitchen..please reach out to me. This is another way, in how to support local producers today!

Once again, THANK YOU for your continued support, thoughts and prayers. “Appreciation is appreciated“.™

Until next time.. Be well and healthy!

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