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How to surprise and delight those you love with a Rum Butter pie. It’s the December pie of the month flavor. Share some love and ship out a Sedona Pie.

buter cream tartlets

I know for a few years people have asked me “Do you ship?” Answer: “Not at this time.” Being that one of the offerings has been a “Pie of the Month Club,” decided “Let’s find a way to ship!!.”

The Pie of the Month Club is called “Rum Butter.”It’s a tradition at Christmas – Canadians have their Butter Tarts. The reason for the tarts is that they are quite rich. However, Americans like the richness and sweetness. It’s made with Currants, agave and rum. I’ve been doing tastings with this new flavor and people are really liking it.

For the holidays coming up “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” you can now order for Christmas. The last day to order for shipping out is December 19, 2016. That’s enough time for the pies to arrive for Christmas dinner. Local orders for pick-up is December 20, 2016. The extra day, is just for me to breathe.

Two announcements as of today.. Pie of the Month Club flavor and Shipping.

We hope if you have tried out the pies, you come again – for those who haven’t ordered from us – try us out! You won’t be disappointed, as we’ll surprise and delight them.

Share some love and ship out a Sedona Pie to your friends, neighbors and family. If you have a store and would be interested in being a pick-up place for local orders, reach out to me by calling 510-564-7880. I would be happy to promote you as well on our website and social media.

We reclaimed our Yelp page – please leave us a comment.

Just as a reminder we give 5% of our profits to food projects like New Hope Farms. They grow vegetables for those who live in desert areas who don’t have access to fresh vegetables.

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