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I have started a Kiva Small Business loan.

Doing something different, is about finding out what makes you tick., this will help you to grow and expand what you are already doing.

Sedona Pies has a Kiva Loan campaign.  

Three years ago this is how I got Sedona Pies started and I paid off my loan. I am asking for much more $7,000. This will help me scale up my operations, be a Gluten Free bakery by December, 2018. Acquire a truck to attend more festivals, deliveries and catering jobs.

I have a little car, by the time I get a table and a trolley in, not much room for product and anything else. Plus, it’s not really for commercial use. I just thought about what would really help me to do more and expand? I was speaking to another food producer about the little glitch, she ended up signing over her SUV to the business. 

By the way you do get paid back – it’s a loan. No interest. Every month you will get a monthly portion back into your account. As low as $25. will help me out.  Click here

I hope you’ll join me, by helping me to create something BIGGER and better together.

As a Thank you from me, I’ll give you a Pie Club Membership complimentary, just to say I appreciate you and your support.  (after Halloween it’s suppose to go to $50./ year)  If you contribute to my campaign it’s complimentary.  

Best regards,

Mari-Lyn Harris

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